Today we will discuss about why games get lag while you watch that big gamers and also why people face problem. It is mainly for two reasons  game lag first problem is  deffect in your processor or mobile phone and second one is  Internet.

 So we will discuss how you will overcome from this type of lags firstly if your hardware is outdated then fix it by replace Google chrome from your computer because it cover whole resources of computer and CPU. So you can disable all outdated process for gaming that make your CPU help for gaming
If you use graphic card then always update graphic card driver and always updated display or graphic card and also update your software.
so  the second problem is ping that was replace by upgrading internet connection or if you are using WiFi then always noticed that noone use that wifi this make your game smoothly played why not you also use wire connection compare to wifi this give better Internet
You also need to noticed that any background app is  should not open that take your net from your wifi this slow down the speed of internet. If you do what I give instructions then 90 percent of your lag problem in game will solved mainly there is two problem one is hardware and other is Internet so according to my instruction that is solved and the last things I discussed that if you play games then try to connect with your nearest server like in pubg mainly players are connected with Asia server because we are live in near Asia so the ping is good and the game is play smoothly. so always choose nearest server it gives good ping and the game will not lag. 
I think you well known about how the game was lag and how you will fix the problem. This was it for today. Hope you liked it. Thank You

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