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The world has already witnessed one of the biggest disasters of the century under the name Corona Virus. The disaster has caused Various sectors towards complete failure and a high increase in cost per production due to fewer labors that are finally leading to a great economic breakdown of various developed and under-developing nations on…

The world has already witnessed one of the biggest disasters of the century under the name Corona Virus. The disaster has caused Various sectors towards complete failure and a high increase in cost per production due to fewer labors that are finally leading to a great economic breakdown of various developed and under-developing nations on World Map.

This year has been all set to be recognized as The Covid Era. The economic crisis is continuously reaching its high as the virus has committed as many as 2500 mutations yet.

Covid-induced Global Shutdown had to worsen the effected GDPs of many nations that indirectly ruined cash flows that are being a serious issue for many brands and their future. Even a brand like Apple or Samsung has shown a serious decline in production and annual profit index. Due to the Covid impact, Apple postponed the iPhone launch this year and Samsung delayed its Flagship phone launch.

Best Video Conferencing Apps

Under the severe decline in many industries, Video Calling Industries got a heavy increase in global active users. Apps like Zoom, Team-Link, or newly launched Google Meet or Microsoft Teams got a sudden increase in user base due to virtually organizing conferences or meetings. During the Pandemic, there has been an increased number of Webinars in different sectors.

You will know some of the best apps doing the video calling task in the best way by reading till the end of the article. If you liked it anyway, leave a thumbs up in the comments.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is recognized as one of the finest Videoconferencing Softwares available at almost every Operating system providing service free and at a paid cost.

In the year 1995, Subrah Iyar and Min Zhu came up with the idea and concept of a Videoconferencing Software as WebEx, but in the later years, it was occupied by Cisco Systems, a brand with its headquarters at California, American State. WebEx successfully made its first public offerings in the year 2000 that made the foundation of WebEx Meeting, WebEx Teams, WebEx WebOffice, WebEx AIM Pro, etc.

  • Finest Audio-Visual Quality

Cisco WebEx has been successfully providing the finest Audio-Visual Quality. If you are looking for the best videoconferencing software with the most reliable audio quality, then Cisco WebEx has no competition with other software.

  • WebEx AI assistant

Every software has its own concepts and features, Cisco WebEx is no exception. It brings an exceptionally redefined AI assistant that can control the conference without touch interference and can easily complete tasks that adding new participants to session and muting and unmuting participants etc.


Zoom, one of the aged video conferencing app on iOS and Android has its headquarters in California, America performed it’s all time best grabbed the opportunity to its fullest and converted its user base from nothing to much more than before. Eric Yuan, one of the former Engineer at Cisco Systems founded Zoom in the year 2011 and made available only on iOS but in 2013, Zoom Video-Calling Software was brought on almost every Operating system to provide a seamless video conferencing experience.

Zoom has several positive sides to be considered. Some of them are discussed below:-

  • End-to-End Encryption

Zoom was recently alleged towards having serious security issues but later it was fixed with its best 128 bits Encryption that today secures the platform from any session Hijackings.

  • Easy to Use

Zoom provides material and minimal as well as easy to understand interface with all settings right at fingertips and some clicks away.

  • Integrated Bots

Video Conferencing Platform – Zoom offers in-built support for various bots during Meetings or Webinars.

  • Private Chat & Native Recording

One of the extraordinarily features offered by Zoom is ‘Private Chat‘ which is quite an exclusive and much-needed feature that must be provided by other software.

The host can record any webinar or meetings using a built-in meeting recording feature that is much awaited and finally rolled out that provides clear audio and video playback for later usage and surveillance.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft, the brand behind World’s Best Operating Systems i.e. Windows came up with video conferencing software as Microsoft Teams, during the Global Shutdown due to Pandemic. Microsoft Teams as it name suggests was a video conferencing platform that focused on Organisations with a premium subscription for its operation.

Microsoft Teams got huge market occupancy as soon as it was launched and made a competitive fight to previously rivals WebEx or Zoom, in the industry.

  • Among the Best Security & Encryption

Microsoft Teams from the very beginning has focused on its security and tight encrypted meetings and webinars.

  • Synchronized with Microsoft Office 365

Being a business-oriented Microsoft product, Teams is integrated with Office 365 compatible apps i.e. Word, PowerPoint, etc. This feature enables the option and alternative to screen sharing features in other apps.

  • Contribute in Real-time

Microsoft Teams comes integrated with other third-party apps that enable real-time contributions and changes. It enables the way towards using apps that aren’t associated with Office 365.

Google Meet

Google Meet, the obvious replacement for retiring Google Hangouts and Google Chat. Google Meet delivers a much-needed feature from Google with the best of Google Exclusive Features. It gained market occupancy as soon as it was launched in early 2020.

  • Google’s Minimal interface

Google Meet as other Google Softwares provides a seamless Google exclusive look and feel. It comes with simple and smooth navigation at fingertips.

  • Enhanced Security and Report Participant on the Go

Google has one of the best encrypted security technology till date and the same is used in the newly launched Google Meet. Apart from it, Google has one of the most prominent reporting feature against any annoying participant during a ongoing meeting.

For reporting any participant for it’s annoying behaviour, simply head to setting section in meeting interface and head to report.

  • Workspace Integration

Google Meet as Microsoft did with it’s Teams has an Native App integration but somehow lacks third party app integration.

  • Meeting Room Locking

One of the exceptionally unmatched features i.e. room locking feature. This feature allows hosts to lock the room that disables the continuous prompt of admitting new participants during and ongoing meeting.


Team-Link, one of the popular video conferencing software that is now available on every platform i.e. Mac or Windows, or Android. Cybrook Inc. is the parent company of Team-Link Video Conferencing Software by Qunshan Gu in the year 2019 has its headquarters at Las Vegas, United States of America.

  • Big Meeting Rooms

Team-Link is among the other software that is even able to provide meeting up to 300 participants even on Free Plan.

  • Low Latency

Compared to competitors, Team-Link has been working to improve on its servers making latency ultra-low and high quality.

  • HD Screen Sharing

Team-Link was the first brand to provide uncompressed Screen Sharing to other participants.

  • Encryption

In today’s world, one of the most demanding and recognized features in Videoconferencing Softwares is Encrypted Meetings. Team-Link provides encryption algorithms specified by WebRTC standards.

Hence, above were some of the apps recommended for organizational conferencing. Above was the software that has at least 100 participants capable of rooms and has End-to-End Encrypted.

Below are some of the apps that may be useful for those who have non-organizational conferencing and don’t need a huge room capacity.


Coming to personal interaction through online means, WhatsApp doesn’t need any introduction. It is among the most used social messaging platform that is used worldwide as a daily messaging platform and the best way to get connected to someone even you are far apart from it.

WhatsApp is natively a messaging app acquired by Facebook, the tech giant leading the way to social media recently came up with Video Calling features following the trend and became successful due to its huge user base.

  • Allows Up to 8 Participants

When we are at personal video calling, the participant capacity of even eight members is quite enough that WhatsApp is currently offering.

  • End-to-End Encryption

WhatsApp was recently alleged to interfere with user’s private data and came up with the best of encryption algorithms i.e. End-to-End Encryption, which is even applied to video Callings too, providing an ultra-secure experience.

Google Duo

Google Duo is another product from Google that has the leading feature of Video Calling with medium capacity. Google Duo was launched in the year 2016 on every platform with some of the best Video Calling features.

During the launch of Duo, Video Calling was not in such a trend and wasn’t even available in most used social apps, but Google made its way to the industry when every other brand were lacking this feature.

  • Crystal Clear Audio-Video Experience

Duo delivers the best audio or video experience as promised. It refines the experience and quality as per the internet connection and operates seamlessly even on slow data speeds.

  • Background Blur

One of my personal favorite features is Background Blur or Swap. Google Duo allows users to blur the video background that ensures users towards video calling even in a worse backgrounded place.

So, that was it for today’s article. Hope this would help you in choosing the best Video Conferencing or Calling Software on your preferred operating system. This was Raj from signing off. Thank You.

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