Useful Tweeks to improve Desktop Performance: Windows 10

We often use a desktop for most of our professional works. Hence, it needs some special care for its long time operation. Any computer doesn’t come with a user enhanced and personalized settings but those are needed to be done. Below are some of the sorted ones to attain better and improved desktop performance in…

Extend Desktop Life

We often use a desktop for most of our professional works. Hence, it needs some special care for its long time operation. Any computer doesn’t come with a user enhanced and personalized settings but those are needed to be done.

Below are some of the sorted ones to attain better and improved desktop performance in Windows 10. Read till the end to know better.

Google Chrome

But the problem is if your computer is older means of older hardware or operator so there is a service in Google Chrome that in the background you can also operate the waste services like if you choose any website to run in background who gives you the notification that is you can take the notification of Gmail in the Google also but for this the problem is it takes much more of Internet and CPU and RAM processor so for this reason if sometimes when you want to play games or when you want to use your computer in a very frequent manner so first go to the task manager and end up the Google Chrome this will lead your resources free and would make easy and smooth access of your computer if you want a permanent solution you can uninstall your Google Chrome.


Second thing is that “dirtiness ” yes my dear after certain time your computer needs to be cleaned and remunerate at a particular interval of time that is if the computer is very less used, what happens to it? It get a layer of Dirt on its screen , holes, processes, fans this makes your computer parts heated up as because we know pollutants are the insulators which doesn’t allow the heat pass away and for this your full computer will be heated up and you will lead your processor be heated lag and hang so it is very much necessary for a computer to be clean and and dirtless for a smooth work.


Now the another tip is that if your computer is manufactured in in 2009 and you are installing new software of 2020 latest games and something else. Will the computer be able to run it? No because it is of old generation and you are applying the latest softwares in it this will automatically lead your computer to work in a slow manner but yes if you computer and games and softwares all are of 2009 year then it will obviously be running smoothly because both of the hardware and software is of the same level.


Anti-Virus Reducing System Performance

You are using antivirus in your laptops and computers it will also cause this problem because this antivirus is also a processing which uses a lot of resources if you are not worried about the security and privacy of your computer and if you just only want to use it for your entertainment and games then I will suggest you to uninstall the antivirus from your set because this antivirus process really makes your computer be run like a very slow operator, well I should not say all these because yes these Antivirus is for the safety and privacy purpose of yours but if it’s not you can easily uninstall it without any fear.

And Now one more thing is that you can go to the the settings power option in Windows and make it to the maximum performance, your computer will start to take a little more power but will give you the maximum performance.

Importance of Antivirus – Explained

Many people are using Windows laptops or computers they think is it is necessary to keep antivirus in laptops basically many people have these questions? So today I will clear all your questions.

Windows XP was the best operation system nowadays no such operating system are there to beat windows XP, people use to like that operating system it brings a change in the software market but it has one problem people should not use it without an antivirus because many errors were found if there is no antivirus. For example, it is like to walk on fire it means it is dangerous to use it without antivirus, this happens because this software is for longer-term so there are so many viruses on those laptops. At that time windows didn’t have their own antivirus.

Nowadays, Windows defender or windows provide antivirus internally in the software, windows defender or antivirus is in the latest Windows 10 so there is no need to put another antivirus, but this was not that time when people were using XP augst, casmosky,  people use to set up all these from outside and the first thing they use to download from their store is VLC media play and the second is an antivirus.

Media play protects the computer from viruses. So, this is the change previously there was no antivirus in the software and now things get changed now there is already antivirus in the software. Now we will talk about  2000 / the late 90s this was the time when people were started buying computers basically people doing a job like IT files, technology-related work. Normal people were not even thought to buy computers, they think that what we will do on computers do they didn’t buy it.

That time 2000/ 20001 was the time when buying a computer is such a big deal even to buy a DVD player is also such a big deal. So when windows launched it became a monopoly market because at that time there was no other software except windows. At that time people knew only about windows 98, windows XP.  But Microsoft decided to do 3 division like 

1. Operating system 

2. Microsoft office

3. Internet 

So, in this 3 they were using these monopoly power. When windows started lagging there were more and more viruses on the computer people get irritated and started ignoring that time they launched antivirus software.  So the question is, is there is any need for antivirus? Yes, antivirus is very important for our computer or laptop. 

There is an antivirus that mainly protects software it also protects overall but its main target is to protect software it acts as a mediator. They can only protect from known viruses  not from unknown viruses. There are lots of viruses which were harming our computers  but we don’t even know. So there is antivirus only for known viruses not for unknown viruses.

Public awarance of new virus and they will start making antivirus it will become too late. But, Windows defender is mainly or only for software of windows to protect the programming, etc. But actually we need a separate good antivirus in our computers and laptop to keep everything safe. Especially those who visit the different websites they should keep good quality antivirus on the laptops.

Adding more RAM

RAM in short is considered as the Process Manager of the System. Sometimes, inspite of having great processor power, the system lags. Hence, increasing RAM can speed up your read and write speed of the system delivering a better performance.

(However, while changing RAM, one needs to be superbly cautious as it requires compatibility issues. If not properly installed, this can cause serious user experience)

Uninstall Unnecessary Software

Window is out of the box, a heavy software skin. Apart from the preinstalled programs, users too download various user necessary user programs for better experience. Software and various heavy games such as GTA V or various racing and fun games increase system load.

Try removing heavy software and programs for an optimum performance.

Limit Program Auto-Start at Initial Boot.

Every Software skin work on various essential apps that automatically start up its functionality with an initial bootup enabling the software to run full-fledgedly.

But some of the unwanted programs like Microsoft News, Microsoft Weather, etc initially startup at bootup for no reasons. Pausing startup of different programs at startup that eat up resources for no reason can hugely boost system performance.

Disk Cleaner and Defragmentation

You can easily clean your system disk in the following steps:-

-> Select Start

-> Visit Select All Programs

-> Click Accessories

-> Then system tools > Desk Defragmenter.

Prefer Website over Application & Programs

Do you know, Using Website over Applications and Programs can deliver you a much feature rich experience preventing huge load on the software.

If able to do so, Use Website over installation for a much better experience.

One Drive Sync

The mass scale rollout of Windows 10 brought up various much-needed as well as unwanted features. Onedrive Syncing is one them. These syncing is initiated with an initial bootup resulting in unwanted use of resources.

Disabling One Drive Sync could hugely result in increased system performance as well as reduce internet consumption.

Enable ReadyBoost

One of the useful features that came with Windows 10 was ReadyBoost. In brief it is the program that caches frequently used software in the system. ReadyBoost could be easily enabled in the following steps:-

-> Insert any removable device.

-> View the properties of the device to be used with ReadyBoost.

-> Navigate to ReadyBoost option in Properties tab.

-> After successfully analysing the device, select the desired option.

Disable Background Apps

Windows is far concerned in comparison to other operating system like MacOS or Android. Windows allows multiple programs to run in background leading to more resource consumption resulting in system lags and reduced performance.

Try disabling background running of various system and third-party programs to ensure a sudden boost in performance.

Turn Off Notification

System notifications are recognized to be best way to know about the site activities without visiting them. But for any low end pc or laptop, this can lead to great resources killer. Disabling them can greatly help in getting out of unwanted resource consumption.

-> Head to Settings.

-> Click on Notification & action > Turn notification off.

Never Install Claiming Power Boosting Mechanism Programs

We often use or must have came across various free antivirus and programs claiming system boost for free. It is strongly recommended not to use such stuff. Despite of increasing desktop performance, these programs degrade them.

Search for Viruses & Malwares

Viruses and Malwares were the most feared program in a system software. These can automatically initiate various unwanted features, such as unwanted performance upscaling.

If done, prevent installation of program from any unwanted source. (These may be referred to prevent installations of any MODs or cracked software)

So, this was it for today. We will catch you in the next one. Till then you may head to our other articles. If you liked our presentation, consider sharing. If not, leave a feedback down below.

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