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Facebook since its global launch has been aggressive towards expansion and for the exact reasons, today Facebook is the brand behind every successful social media platform considering Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, etc. Facebook was quite successful in pushing great and useful features from time to time. With great, we are today successful in bringing the…

Facebook since its global launch has been aggressive towards expansion and for the exact reasons, today Facebook is the brand behind every successful social media platform considering Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, etc. Facebook was quite successful in pushing great and useful features from time to time. With great, we are today successful in bringing the best of tips that we expect might be helpful in daily life.

Facebook Pro Tips

Table of Contents

Table of contents lists the bifurcations under this post, making better readability.

  • Facebook Search Tricks
  • Facebook Desktop Shortcut Codes
  • Random Tips & Tricks
  • Conclusion

Facebook Search Tips

Facebook Search Tricks

Facebook has been constantly working to improve its search engine and its efficiency. Here are some of the tips for enhancing your search results on Facebook.

  • Facebook Search Auto-Suggestions

Facebook has vigorously improved its search algorithm from the times it was launched and it is today. Today, Facebook is successful in showing search suggestions.

In the course of typing the desired keyword, Facebook now displays a list of suggested search keywords based on the inputted keyword for better and enhanced search results.

  • Using Search Refine Tool
To the left-hand side of the search bar, Facebook has introduced various dynamic search filters such as selecting age criteria, age, marital status, etc.
  • Post Search

Post search enables direct search posts with the concerned keyword.

When extending the search results, the Facebook app and desktop version now show briefed Posts results. This might be accessed directly by refining to “show only posts” option.

  • Job Search
Facebook now allows users’ to search and list job vacancies from the Facebook app and website. A new and dedicated application for the same search. The service was launched to compete with apps like LinkedIn and Naukri etc. However, yet it had failed to compete with the apps but has shown an impressive number of Jobs on the platform.
  • Market-Place, Place, Event Search

Facebook has since times allowed users’ to search Market-Place or Place or Events on its platform. Facebook has aimed to rival Google’s Search Platform but has subsequently failed to occupy the place. But, today Facebook is trying to introduce various features and improve the search algorithm on its platform.


Facebook Shortcut Keys Desktop


Facebook Shortcut Keys

Facebook has several shortcut keys that solely work on the desktop and is clearly visible on its Help Centre.

  • Navigation between Feeds and Stories at Platform

and Keyboard shortcut 

  • Navigation between Stories

Enter Key

  • New Story from desktop
Pressing P once
  • Like or Unlike
Pressing L once
  • Comment
Pressing C once
  • Share
Pressing S once
  • Opening an attachment
Pressing O once
  • Facebook Search
Pressing / once
  • Chat Contact Search
Q from keyboard
  • Navigation to Settings
  • Navigation to Help
  • Navigation to Home
  • Navigation to Timeline
  • Navigation to Activity



Random Facebook Tips & Tricks


Random Tips & Tricks

Here are some of the random tips that aren’t categorized but are helpful in increasing productivity and better time killing.

  • Activate Followers’ Option

So, how can we activate the followers‘ options on Facebook? Well, there are many friends whose IDs do not show these options, but how can we initiate these options.

So, first of all, at the right corner of the top, we have to click that three lines button, then go to privacy and settings, then we will find an option “Who can send you a friend request” then we have to click –Friends of Friend.

In Step Number 2, again we will have to in setting > Privacy settings and then we will find an option named Public posts, in that all the options are to be chosen in Public option, then we will visit our personal id we will find that Followed option is visible to us. If the follower’s options are didn’t visible to u then simply at down the profile picture we will find a three-dot button click it, then go to Edit & Profile, again click it, and then we will find an option of edit in that we will found followers options, tick it and u will be able to see followers options in ur FB account.

  • Search Photos on Facebook

In these step we will easily find that my friends, family, girlfriend, liking whose pictures, Yes, its easy, simply in Facebook, search bar are there, if we search “Photos liked by me/or in 2020/ or as ur wish“so we will find easily there.

  • Face Avatars
Facebook recently introduced the Avatar feature in its Public as well as Beta Builds. In this step, we will learn how to make your own face avatar on Facebook. Simply we have to open Facebook, then we have to go at the bottom of the three lines, then we find an option “More” and then there are many options are there, we have to find Avatar option, then by clicking these option we wi create our avatar and we can use in chat, but these option maybe not there in all facebook apps so, you have to wait or else try to update your Facebook from App-Store.
  • Group Video Calls
Basically, we all install Messenger, in these tricks, we can make a group video call of around 50 persons by simply creating a room. So simply we open Messenger > people > we will find an option how to create a room, then simply we will create a room. Then, share the link with those whom we want to make a video call very easily.
  • Favorite Music
This is pretty much interesting, if we want to make our Facebook profile stylish, cool and amazing if someone visits your profile and sees a music option there and clicks it then music your favorite music will play automatically, imagine how cool it is. Firstly we have to go to our Facebook page, where we find posts option simply there we will find music option from there you can add your favorite song.
  • Adding Privacy Restriction
These steps might be important to those who want to his/her photos from relatives or friends, so they cant see ur photos or stories so we to restrict them. So we have to search those account from which you wanna hide ur stories and photos, in there acct we will find a three-dot then we will go to friend list and then we will see an option “Restrict” so the person whom you restrict are not able to see your photos or videos. If we want that he would be seen in my photos, then following the same process unrestrict the account.
  • Add Backup Contact

So guys if you think that whenever you will go outside your family or any other person will use your phone or they will deactivate your account then you can do one thing you can set a notification so that that they would not able to delete or deactivate it, let me explain how will you do – u out will go on Facebook there you will find three lines option click on that below you will find setting option click on it after clicking on setting you will find personal information option click on it, then you will find option manage legacy add contact there you can add your families or someone else Facebook ID.

  • Facebook Gaming

If are getting bore by using Facebook then you can also play a game on Facebook by clicking on three lines you will find game options click on it, there many games option were given to you can play the game according to your choice.

  • Facebook Advertising

You know guys Facebook tracks all your activities and based on that it shows advertisement but guys you can stop there advertising click on the Facebook setting after clicking you will find your Facebook information click on it then you will get off paste activities click on it you can delete also so doing this Facebook did not able to track your activities. This is a very important thing you should know about it.

  • Downloading Media

 Guys if you want to download photos of your family, relative from the album, there you download each photo one by one so I will tell you how to download many photos at once, let me explain you have to go to laptops or computer browser there you have to download down album after downloading you will select the album click on them select your album you will find an icon there click in it or else you can also click control+s by this way you can save the album.


Concluding my Article here, I would like to state that Facebook keeps on rolling new features, but sometimes rolls major and decisive bugs that leak users’ private data and pose im-proper privacy concerns. 

Hope You liked our Presentation. Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback below in the comments section. Thank You.

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