The Real Problems with Fast Charging Technology

Today, there is a new trend in the smartphone industry since the introduction of Fast Charging Technologies. I often feel like every single day, a new company coming up with a new smartphone and how their charger can charge their Smartphones. But most of the Smartphone brands don’t tell is you is that “faster charging…


6G – Explained

Hey guys this is Rahul from thetechia.in and today I’ll be talking about the 6th Generation. So let’s get started. We have 3G 4G and 5G each one of us is a different generation of wireless network and each one is so much powerful that it brought technical revolution and facilitate, a completely new stage in society….

Tips & Tricks

Why Games lag and it’s solution

Today we will discuss about why games get lag while you watch that big gamers and also why people face problem. It is mainly for two reasons  game lag first problem is  deffect in your processor or mobile phone and second one is  Internet.  So we will discuss how you will overcome from this type…