Nikola Tesla – Precious Gift in the form of Electricity

One of the much-needed daily beings is Electricity. We often use bulbs, fans and even we charge our daily appliances with the help of Electricity. Here, the name Nikola Tesla comes into play. He was a scientist when science wasn’t developed much as it is today. But this man gave his level best to bring…

One of the much-needed daily beings is Electricity. We often use bulbs, fans and even we charge our daily appliances with the help of Electricity. Here, the name Nikola Tesla comes into play.

He was a scientist when science wasn’t developed much as it is today. But this man gave his level best to bring out the best of inventions with his hard work and intelligence.

Nikola Tesla – Biography – From Childhood to Adult

Nikola Tesla, born on 9th 1856, Smiljan, Austrian Empire (now Croatia)– Died on 7th January 1943, New York, U.S.A was a renowned scientist of all time time. He was a Serbian American inventor and engineer, who discovered and patent a rotating magnetic fields and had to establish the base of most Alternating Current machinery.

Nikola Tesla was from a family of the Siberian region, his father Orthodox priest, and his was unschooled but a very intelligent lady. From childhood onward Tesla was very good in study, he was very creative and imaginative as well. He had completed his High School qualification from his home town Smiljan.

He had pursued his engineering carrier at Technical University at Graz University. Later on, he moved to New York and the rest is history.


Tesla had a patent right of more than 350 inventions, and that’s why he is called a “Genius mind“. He had given an important contribution in the field of electricity and most often in A.C current.

He was the first guy to invent the A.C motors which are used even now and on that principle only we have mastered over the uses of A.C current machinery. Nikola Tesla is the engineer who gave his name to the unit of magnetic flux.

The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century. The electricity which we get today in our home was invented by Nikola Tesla. He has also invented many instruments, performed various experiments and he has registered many patents with his name.

We often use Radio as a primary source of entertainment via audio means was first developed by Tesla.

The war of current
The War Of Current

War of Current

Did you guys know about the War Of Current between Nikola Tesla, Hasting House, and Thomas Edison? When electricity was discovered there were two types of currents DC and AC, so there was a conflict between them which type of current DC or AC should be transferred to the home.

So, in the fond of those which current is best, there were many conflicts arises above them, thus it is named as War Of Currents.

So, starting with the topic. That was the era of 1800s when current electricity was invented. And Nikola Tesla was the one who came up with it. For this very reason, Nikola Tesla is also called the “Father of Modern Technology“.

However, Thomas Alva Edison was also one of it’s kind. But these two concerned Scientists had a War of Current. Thomas Alva Edison was the one who came up with the DC current and he had a huge working on the same whereas Nikola Tesla had huge contributions in AC current.

The main core of the conflict between the two was the difference in opinion. Tesla opted that AC current was far better than DC current. And should be supplied to homes and offices as AC current could be supplied by lowering the voltage and vice versa through a transformer. But DC current was invented earlier and for this DC current was supplied everywhere that was basically generated through cells, batteries, etc. But by this time, Tesla came up with a new concept of Electricity that operated on 60Hz.

Later, Nikola Tesla invented many more equipment but never was credited. He had many more patents but was never honored. 

Death Ray

Death Ray

When Nikola Tesla was on the way to being an adult he saw Niagara Falls, he thought that the water which is falling from the high if could convert into electricity and so that we can use this energy. 

In childhood, he invented a death ray that was capable of moving 200m away from the surface and destroy many of the airplanes, these rays is nothing but an electric ray. We will discuss the Relation between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison! And what was that invention he came up with that was allegedly able to destroy the whole world and what this Death Ray Meant.

It was the time of the early 1900s. It was the time when a merely strange invention took place by the hands of Sir Nikola Tesla called Death Rays. These Rays worked on the principal to transport electricity without wire or other words transporting current wirelessly that in turn quits the role of wires.

He claimed that he had invented a weapon that can fire up to many miles from the point of source by firing a thin current ray. This Death Ray was as powerful as it was as claimed that it could spoil the habitation and can destroy the livelihood.

It was as much powerful as if this invention once used in any war could have been destroyed human existence. But that was destroyed. Many claimed that he already had invented the same but he himself destroyed it.

Meanwhile, many others also claimed that they had already invented death Ray but never succeeded to demonstrate. But later, Nikola Tesla in his statement claimed that no one can even invent this gadget as it requires huge amount of energy that was literally impossible to be supplied.

As an example, he stated that the energy supplied to New York City, if supplied at a time would also be insufficient for it’s working. Later, Nikola Tesla claimed that he took the energy for his invention from his Tesla CoilTesla Coil took charges from the Ionosphere above the earth’s atmosphere where atoms exist in ion forms due to ionizing rays from Sun.

The concept of death Ray suggested that if we emit electricity wirelessly in a thick pattern it might spread out and lower the intensity, therefore he emitted a super-thin ray for using as rays that can travel with immense speed and strength.

Tesla Coil

Did you guys know the concept of portable wireless connection was first thought of by Nikola Tesla in 1901?

He said his friend, JP Morgan, that he will find a device that is portable to others and it will receive radio signals and frequency which will ease in messaging to others, so it can be said that mobile telecommunication was also first invented by Nikola Tesla in 1901. 

Nikola Tesla has many patents on his own name, he invented many things so he was rich by wealth also in the past time and he invested all of his money in researches and experiments.

Did you know Nikola Tesla made a 185ft tower which catches electricity in the air, and carried down on the ground, in New York?

But meanwhile, the American govt. brought down the tower into the ground, reasoning that his enemies communicate with these towers, and the experiment doesn’t succeed as he was thinking off. 

Nikola Tesla died in 1943, after his death the alien inventories who take the tools of scientists after death. Few tools kept in Museum and few of them are kept by his family members. But some of his researches papers are kept secret by USA Government. 

In 1899 Nikola Tesla made a very big lighting thunder wave which heights 130 ft high that was able to deliver electricity without intervention of any charged particles, namely Tesla Coil.


As stated earlier, Tesla was one of the finest scientists of the time and among the scientists with most of the patents yet.

Unfortunately, Tesla had a car accident that disturbed his mental health and he died in a hotel named New Yorker. Everything after his death was found to be destroyed. Many claims that he himself destroyed blueprints, research papers of his invention for better security of the world. But it’s research papers, blueprints are unfound and formed a mystery. 

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