Jio is Back with a New Smartphone – JioPhone 3

  Hey, guys, this is Rahul from and you know what off late I have read a couple of really interesting report when it comes to Jio first report that says Jio plan to launch its Android smartphone by December this year and second a report that says Jio’s plan to launch $50 smartphone….

  Hey, guys, this is Rahul from and you know what off late I have read a couple of really interesting report when it comes to Jio first report that says Jio plan to launch its Android smartphone by December this year and second a report that says Jio’s plan to launch $50 smartphone.

JioPhone 3

Now both of these reports confirm one thing that’s the fact that Jio is finally launching its very own Android smartphone I mean a Jio Android Smartphone is not really a surprise because we did a blog recently on Jio where I earlier predicted with my few sources and knowledge about this Smartphone I also talked about all the interesting investment in Jio which made a lot of sense if you are making your Android smartphone I mean Google which is a great because of Android, Facebook again a great partner because Instagram, WhatsApp and there’s is also Qualcomm because of Google Snapdragon chipsets.

JioPhone 3

 So Jio should be using this partnership to make its very first Android smartphone but what’s really interesting is that the Jio Smartphone might be truly Made in India.

 Now, how truly made in India is something we’ll know later on because a lot of things go into making an Android smartphone but according to the Bloomberg report Jio has gotten in touch with Indian smartphone maker that is still active like Lava International, Karbonn Mobile along with local assembly like Dixon Technologies India to get to know the production capacity in India.

See right now there’s a lot of antique Chinese sentiment and there’s a huge push from the government for domestic manufacturing so it clear Jio want to make it smartphone as Made in India as possible but yeah will see the report also reveal the approximate price of Jio Smartphone and it said to be around 4000 rupees now this is interesting because we all know that India is a buffer smartphone market to crack with so many phones launching every single week.

JioPhone 3 - Made In India Smartphone

Now let’s face it right now the Chinese manufacturer are the one that is doing really well in the Indian smartphone market but Jio has a different plan let me explain see according to Neil Shah who is the research director at counterpoint he says “ Jio is planning to use the Blue Ocean Strategy“. Now what’s exactly Blue Ocean Strategy is? See in the Blue Ocean Strategy company launches a different product at an amazingly low price to create a new market segment and create new demand. This makes the competition irrelevant. Now Jio’s product, in this case, is obviously the Jio Smartphone and I think this is great timing for that because the panda Mintu really had changed things everything shifted to phone education or business people are using their smartphone for a lot of different things and not everyone can afford a smartphone that cost around 7000-8000 or 10000 Rupees. Let alone higher in smartphone show, the Jio smartphone will be aimed at them the first time am smartphone ever who are looking for something very very affordable. Now to make with Jio smartphone a success you will probably use its biggest weapon something that will help Jio market this JioPhone in the roots of India I am talking about data.

 See I am calling data the biggest weekend because when Jio arrived with a free data pack in 2016 it truly disrupted the telecom sector and then Jio launched jio fiber which brought a lot of data at great prices and disrupted the broadband market. So the free data is obviously going to be the biggest USP of Jio smartphone I mean you ask me I think that you will be offering a six-month free internet plan or even one year free internet plan with the jio smartphone so that the first time smartphone buyer actually goes ahead and buy the jio smartphone plus what’s interesting is that according to Bloomberg report jio is expecting to sail around 100 million to 200 million units of a Jio smartphone in the next two years which is a huge number but if it does happen maybe we will see jio alongside the Samsung and Xiaomi in the Indian smartphone market share and well that’s gonna be interesting.

 Look over the year smartphone under 5000 rupees haven’t really changed a lot so if the jio smartphone at 4000 rupees is actually good and if it does manage to sell say 100 million or 200 million units then yes it will definitely become the next big thing. Now if you are wondering if jio will become a thread to Samsung for Xiaomi well from the looks of it no that does not seems likely at least with the very first Jio smartphone but if jio does launch a lot more smartphone in the future well you never know things can get quite interesting. Well anyway, what do you think of the jio smartphone do you think ok it will take the market by storm like jio did or how Jio fiber disrupted the market tell us in the comments section below it’s it going to be very interesting and also share this if you have enjoyed it…..

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