In this article, I will explain to you how the government of India ban internet service in different areas and what rules government follows to stop internet service in your area using Jio, Airtel, etc.  ISP operators can use different tricks to access banned internet to access again. What are the laws government uses to banned the internet in India? 

Internet Service Ban

Usually, the government bans the internet in a very hard situation when the certain things are out of control like there is some of the violent protest going on which increases the chances of riots or in the border area where there are any chances of hidden enemies because they usually contact with the help of internet.

For example, very often the internet is ban in Jammu & Kashmir because of terror elements.  

Internet Service Ban in Jammu & Kashmir, India

In today’s life internet is very important to us all, in fact, people are so addicted to the internet, they can’t even survive even 5 min without internet if they will not get food or something else it will fine to them if they will not get internet they will feel sick, ill. The government had previously banned the internet 105 times in India in 2019

Now you will think why the government banned the internet, so they banned the internet in a particular area or place by 3 different laws – 

  • Section 144 when the government finds something big will happen In that situation they can ban internet rule no 
  • Temporary suspension of the Telecom Services Act 2017 for public interest people did not get misguided or influence. 
  • The Indian Telegraph Act the same thing in this also for public interest government can stop the internet services. The Government can ban the internet at 2 – Central level and State level. The Ministry Of Home Affairs they have the right to prepare a notice they sent it to review the community the moment they approve, they send it to ISP.

What is the reason the government bans the internet? 

If we access or providing internet if the government closes that access then the net can not reach the people. There are many big ISP companies like Airtel Vodafone… etc provide internet we buy internet from them, after buying we use many websites those websites were stored in different servers. The channel between server to people this channel was made by ISP. For example, a person in Bhopal and the server is in USA   person sitting in Bhopal get internet through the channel but when this connection get stopped that time channel cannot reach or break to that particular area because they disconnected the channel so all these ISP controls, So in this way ISP and government can stop internet in any of the places or areas. 

The Government is focusing on Digital India but on the other side they stop the internet due to people’s interest, so they will disconnect the internet how people will do online transactions people have to face many difficulties. Internet is free but when it reaches to customer it converted in price value 

The question is by using a VPN can we use the internet? 

A VPN is referred to as Virtual Private Networking, which creates a virtual layer of security among the internet circle or sphere of the surfing user.

So before knowing this we have to understand how VPN works?  VPN takes you to the other countries from there they will provide internet, but the thing is for making a channel from one country to another there is also a need for the internet because without the internet this process is not possible. Without the internet VPN also not works in fact if the internet is stopped by ISP no other tricks can be applied, in this way government controls us. 

Many personalities think they did not involve in politics so they are not dependent on the government but the thing is everybody is dependent on government through directly or indirectly, for example, electricity, water supply, cars number, dish TV’s, etc. all there are controlled by the government if they want they can cut our electricity line so the thing is we all are dependent. The government makes rules and follows those rules itself and by using the same rules or sections they banned the internet or something else, for eg- government is a kind of umbrella and the people are under that umbrella.

Hence, this was it for today. We will see you soon in the upcoming one. This was Kavita from signing off.

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