Ultimate Human Immortality: How close are we?

Immortality doesn’t that sound very interesting but the question is that can humanly be immortal. Is it possible to extend the life span of humans? Although it seems very hypothetical there are many techniques that had proven this conception true to some extent? I will be discussing with you some possible techniques and technologies that…


Immortality doesn’t that sound very interesting but the question is that can humanly be immortal.

Is it possible to extend the life span of humans? Although it seems very hypothetical there are many techniques that had proven this conception true to some extent?

I will be discussing with you some possible techniques and technologies that can validate the conception and misconceptions about immortality.

Immortality – An Overview

The scientific technique first introduced in the early years of the 21st century. The Biological technique allows users to remain alive for years and years as one’s personal will. However, the technique is in its very preliminary stages and is a future-tech since there are various excitements and expectations.

Scientific Measures for Immortality

How our body demise? The answer to the previous question is, Our body destroys when it gets old. The body is made of tiny innumerable cells. When cells start degenerating but new cells aren’t generated. Then the bodily organs are said to be old and finally being called to be passed out.

This is how a human gets old.
But if we implement any Technologies so that generation of cell never stops, then he/she will be immortal.
Biological a cell or an organ that does not experience aging or ceases the age at some point of time is immortal.
The scientific measure of immortality


Nanobots are one of earliest and best research in the field of nanotechnology. These are hypothetically very small or nanoscaled (roughly around 50 nanometre – 100 nanometer) self-propelled tiny robots. That can enter the body and function easily. They can survive in our body and their function and operation can be monitored and controlled from outside. Nanobots can cure disease very quickly.

Whenever we eat medicine the drug gets throughout the body and then targets the damaged cell. But if we implement nanobots in our body. We can target the particular area of our body which requires action and drugs can get over there very easily. Nanobots will also able to calculate the blood sugar level, Glucose level, etc. which will definitely help to monitor our health.

Regenerative Blood Transfusion

Regenerative blood transfusion can be a possible method to achieve immortality and can significantly increase the age of living organisms. Around 16 years ago a report taking to emerge that taking blood from a young donner can increase your life span.

A report since 2005 by a medical experiment that shows blood transfusion from young mice to old mice seems anti dial back aging effect. The older mice show signs of degenerative brain cells, tissue cells, and healing of damaged cells of organs as well as the boost in cognitive and physical performance.

This same technique is also used to treat blood cancer patients bt in that case. Whatever this blood transfusion from younger to older ones had not yet experimented with humanly creature.

Cryonic Preservation

Cryonic is the practice of keeping a dead body “legally” with the hope that in far future advances medical science can revive their corpse and cure with what align them.

After our death, your bold become cold since your heart stops working and due to that our brain cells and other organs also get destroyed but if we store that body at a particular temperature it can be preserve,d and later on it their subconscious or brain can be transferred to the other body.

Geno-Editing or DNA Engineering

DNA Engineering
Illustration representing DNA Engineering

We all know about Stephen Hawkins, a very talented and knowledgeable scientist. He was very different from other peoples, now he is no more with us.

Before his death, Stephen Hawkins said about Artificial Intelligence and Gene editing.

He said, “Maybe in the future humans would not be humans, in spite they might be able to convert themselves into a superhuman”

Apart from it, he also exclaimed, “Our future would go to those individuals who would be rich by wealth”. 

He said when the new baby born DNA, genetics play a very important role. When the baby is in the mother’s womb, we can edit his/her gene in the mother’s womb, (many of them might laugh by listening above lines) But it is possible, experiments are going on.

According to Stephen Hawkins, we can edit Gene, we can modify DNA and we can also design humans too. We can design humans with more strength and more living capacity, with eyes. We can even modify humans to a different level. If we are able to edit your genes we could definitely increase your life span.

Brain-Computer Interface

So, in simple words, Brain-Computer Interface is a type of machine or we can say a system which, connects our brain with computers and send instructions also. It has another name which is NCI (Neural Control Interface).

With the Help of these machines and systems, we can display our mind instructions on our computer’s screen. In our brain whatever is going on, we can show on the computer screen with the help of this screen. With the help of these technologies, we can easily communicate with the brain from computers or vice-versa.

BCI can play a significant role to revive the consciousness of the brain of a person which can be further may be used for the wellbeing of society.

For example, if any scientist passes away even then also we will be able to his brainpower and enlighten society with his revolutionary idea.

Longevity Pills

Having a pill can make your life longer and make you always younger or in simple words, it can be said that it will encounter the aging effect of human have been frictional and hypothetical concepts that were shown in sci-fi movies but it may be true.

Dr. Nir Barzilai, a medical scientist of Israel has been working on these types of pills that have an anti-aging effect that can completely change the upcoming generation. Barzilai had spent over three decades researching a new drug called metformin. This can be a revolution in the field of medical science.

Comparison (Illustration)
Comparison (Illustration)

Pros & Cons

Science has never solved a problem instead of creating ten new ones. So there are always some pros and cons of immortality. Some of them are given below:


Yes, there are pros that we can achieve immortality we will able to solve a lot of currents and upcoming problem since we will have the experience of all the legend like Scientist, doctors, engineer, etc.

Longer Job Span

The people can get their job span longer than their usual deadline since their age won’t affect their abilities and physical strength. So they have a long duration of job span.

The Future

People love to speculate what the future may bring and when something, in particular, will happen- When will we cure cancer? When will we put someone on Mars? When will, when will, and so on and so on. You can enjoy your life to its fullest.


Cons may be more in number than pros because we humans have always stereotypical people which can adversely affect society as well as the world. Imagine thoughts like Hitler & Osama would immortal then the whole of humanity can be collapsed.

Abolition of Pension based System

There will be the complete abolition of the pension system since the population will arise and there will drastically change in mortality & fertility graph. So giving a pension will not able for the government.

Stagnant Society without any development and progression

Lack of Special Moments & Lack of Social Progression and Stagnant Society

When the life span is limited people have very minimal special moments in their life that all are very much closer to our hearts. If we became immortal we’ll have so many moments that won’t feel special anymore.

We will get bored of all sorts of things. There will also lack of social progression and the whole society will be stagnant because if people become immortal there would hardly any opportunity for youngsters to get a job anymore.

No room for Young People

Young will suffer a lot because they have already very few jobs left since most of the operations nowadays are operated by robots and machines which has created a job crisis. There will also develop racism between old & young people which can have very negative significance.

Ending Up with a bunch of Unhappy People

As we grew older we accumulate a lot of bad emotions and good emotions as well. But when we’ll be immortal we will have no way to finish our bad experiences and those bad emotions will always remind in our minds. That will gives a feeling of guilt that’s the worst thing any human would face.


Sometimes it may seems correct to be immortal but remember the end is new beginning.

Immortality would be life savoir for some and a worst curse for others.

No matter whatever it is if it violates the law of nature that will be a countdown of destruction. There will be a time when the whole of humanity will collapse because “change is the only constant”. And this change of life cycle had been holding the balanced ecosystem.

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