Achieve High-End Performance in Midrange Smartphone (2021 Guide)

The smartphone technology is upgrading too fast but they are intended to be used atleast for two or three years. This increased shift of technology is resulting in increased electronic wastes which might be really harmful for our Planet. According to a recent survey we spent about 1800 hours on our phone monthly we is…

Extend your Smartphone Life

The smartphone technology is upgrading too fast but they are intended to be used atleast for two or three years.

This increased shift of technology is resulting in increased electronic wastes which might be really harmful for our Planet.

According to a recent survey we spent about 1800 hours on our phone monthly we is around 4 to 5 hours a day which is a big number.

Tips & Tricks for Longer Smartphone Life

Below are some of the most useful tips and tricks that may be used in increasing smartphone lifespan as well as performance of the smartphones.

So, we would recommend using smartphones for at least two years and apply below steps to encourage it’s lifespan.

Repair and Reuse

In most of our cases we change our phone and this is one of the biggest reason because we sometimes find that some buttons are dislocated or they doesn’t respond or in some cases some of us change our phone as they have troubles in the Micro USB ports or in batteries..

So first of all these are some of simpliest repairs that can be done from the nearest repair outlet. Either you replace the concerned parts with the original ones or change with it some unbranded and that will let your phone function exactly as new.

And in general the Li-ion battery that are used in our phones start losing their capacity after 1 or 1.5 years. And that just needs a replacement with a new one and your smartphone will be perfectly fine.


Another important cause is the storage of your smartphone. The life of a smartphone is based on how you keep your phone. Moisture in general is one of major cause of damage of smartphone.

Even if your phone is IP68 verified then also you need to keep your phone away from moisture because even the verification there are certain loop holes that can cause a huge damage to your phone.
In the rainy seasons make sure that you carry a pouch to keep your phone. As moisture is one of biggest enemy of smartphone.

Cases and Scratch Guards

When we take a new phone it is quiet obvious that we also buy a cases and scratch guard or screen guards. Then make sure you buy a good quality guards to your phones. The latest phones that are launching are with a glass back finish. If you won’t use any of these guards then inspite of any gorilla glass protection your phone might get hurt and pose a huge damage.

And for some extra knowledge you should always keep in mind that Displays are one of the most expensive items or products of a Smartphone that if replaced will cost huge bucks.

Charge Your Smartphone Smartly

Basically it is advised not to charge from 0% to 100% as it causes huge impact on the phone and generally charge when your battery is 10 to 15% and uncharge when it is near about 95%. This will boost your battery life and obviously your Smartphone Life.

Prevent App Autostart

One of the major problem that has been among the serious issues effecting device’s performance is Apps Auto start-up.

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Maps, WhatsApp, etc among other social media and messaging apps are included that are automatically started over after a device reboot consuming power and resources.

Try uninstalling these apps to attain a better and optimised performance.

Delete Resources Hungry Apps

Seriously this is one of the major concern as some of unwanted apps consume huge resource like Facebook, Zilli that are unwanted and aren’t used most often. And even you can install the lighter versions of these apps. As Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Twitter Lite, Instagram lite etc are available on the appstores that rarely consume your Smartphone resources and you get a peak performance.

Often sometimes we find that sometimes some apps are installed by us for some tasks but we don’t remove those apps and they in turn slow our phone down, so make sure you remove them all.

Above Image Signifies some of the commonly installed Free Antivirus Apps on Android.

Never Use Antivirus Softwares

Antivirus Softwares are one of overrated Softwares for Android OS. These Antivirus Softwares are best for Windows and are paid ones.

The Antivirus apps available in Native App-store never prevent malicious programs to enter into the System but these apps Autostart with a boot and cause huge RAM consumptions resulting in reduced performance.

Restarting Phone

For a peak level performance you need to make sure you restart your Smartphone periodically in every 10 or 7 days.

Inspite of it’s scientific proof we recommend you to restart your device in some days, that refreshes the phone algorithm and gives you a peak level performance….

Avoid Upgrading Your Software and Application after One Year of use

Operating Systems as well as Softwares running on it are upgrading with times to provide best of the features at a single place.

Sometimes, Software Update provided by brands degrade system performance due to lack of optimisations in-built. Henceforth, it’s strongly recommended not to upgrade system after months of use.

Heavy applications like Facebook, Instagram or Messenger are more likely to reduce performance if updated consequently due to improper Implementation and support for the model.

Minimize System Animations

Ending up the article with the most important ways to boost your smartphone life.

We often notice some unwanted animations for various pop-ups or app opening or closure taking up Random Access Memory.

The above mentioned animations could easily be minimised. (But this step is a bit technical, So hold on and think twice)

-> Open Settings

-> Multiple Tap on Build Number under Device Info Section to enable Developer Options.

-> Once developer options enabled, head to option to reduce animations.


So that was it for today, we will see you guys in the next article. Thank You generously and till then you can read our previously posted articles..

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