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Huawei’s Harmony OS – A Competent to Android or iOS?

Starting this year, Huawei is going to replace Android with it’s in-house Harmony OS. This is officially confirmed that this is the final fate of the US-China Trade War but as a positive side for the Chinese Tech Giant.

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  • Harmony OS – Competitive Operating System in Market
  • Harmony OS – Pros
  • Harmony OS – Cons
  • Challenges for Huawei & Harmony OS

Harmony OS – Competitive Operating System in Market 

Everything wants an option in every aspect either in between Smartphones, Operating Systems, and many more tech gadgets. I love the idea that having the third option to switch between Android and iOS. Besides, I love Huawei Phones but in the last few years it had been a tough time for the brand but still, every launch has been superbly exciting from every aspect. In fact, this is the only brand that when launches a new flagship it’s already going to one of the most affordable or exciting features. 

This confirmation reveals that Huawei Phones aren’t disappearing. Repeating again past few years had been brutal to the company when it last access to sell products in the U.S then lost contacts with Google and now it’s 5G infrastructure is being boycotted in the whole world for it’s China connection and during these incidents, Huawei’s contributors one by one ended contacts with the giant but in spite of these events how it responded to it was really amazing this brand fought back. Literally, after three days after the USA ban, Huawei announced its millions of pound investment in building its four flagship stores in the UK. 

Harmony OS – Pros

  • Highly Efficient Operating System

But Harmony OS has various backlogs in competing with iOS or Google’s Android. Harmony has some benefits being built from the fact and we’ll be optimized for Huawei Phones that is expected to deliver a high-performance experience. Huawei previously said that Harmony is so simplified that 1 single line of code in Harmony OS is equal to 100 lines of Android and that’s a huge claim. This keeping in mind, I won’t be surprised if Harmony OS runs faster consuming less power than android on Huawei’s devices. And one of the amazing facts that this operating system will be capable of running Android apps that clearly means that Huawei doesn’t need to start from scratch building an application library. 

  • Distributive Nature

Another amazing point of this discussion is that Harmony is a distributed OS which basically means that it can run anywhere either be it a smart-watch or self-drive cars or smartphones or TV to toothbrushes

  • Pre-Planned Launch

Huawei is focusing its further development on making more and more devices being compatible and that is return help users in letting devices transfer data by themselves without any Extra efforts. A feature that has shared multidevice intelligence. Everything that is now happening seems to be planned for earlier but is now being exposed as a consequence of the US ban

  • Similar Operating Skin

As a tricky move from Huawei. In my context, I think Harmony OS must be the same as the company’s existing skin upon Android. In spite of the fact that Harmony OS is a far different and simplified operating system from android but I think Huawei is going to make it’s a new operating system as far as they can look similar to its previous UI skin

Think about it! Huawei has been years improving their skin user friendly and easily accessible. So probably this skin is known as a feature-packed skin, so I think that changing android as a base won’t affect much if it’s newly updated Harmony OS looks similar to it’s existing Huawei skin that runs on top of Android. 

Harmony OS – Cons

Despite its huge advantages, Harmony OS from Huawei has really serious Cons that will, for sure degrade and finish its advantages…

  • Acceptance

Being a Chinese brand, Huawei is facing serious trust issues in the market, especially in the West. Here the biggest question is Will it be accepted?

Challenges for Huawei & Harmony OS

  • Trust Issues in the West

In spite of its distributive nature, Harmony OS will only work on Huawei Phones, Huawei SmartSpeakers, Huawei powered Cars. With this feature packed Experience, I don’t think Harmony could solve the problems Huawei is currently facing. Huawei is having majorly Trust Issues being a Chinese Brand. The allegations imposed as a base for the ban of Huawei in the USA is affecting the user’s minds to share private details like Credit or Debit Cards. To change this mentality, Huawei needs to change the whole perception and in reality, it’s not as easy as it seems. 

  • Constant Price Hikes and Limited Range

They even don’t have a great price advantage. Despite its USA ban, Huawei is maintaining its price ranges as a premium smartphone brand. People in the West are very happy and eased with Google Services that Huawei lacks

  • Break-up with many companies working closely with the West

This needs to change and it could only be done by building new relationships that in return would cost more from a hardware point of view in their initial phases. 

Huawei is also banned from working with Japanese chip manufacturers TSMC, Samsung as they use the US’s pieces of equipment and technologies. 

So, that was for today’s article where we discussed what is Harmony OS, What are the backlogs Harmony OS has, and What are the major problems Huawei is going to face in the near future. This was Raj from signing off. Thank You.

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