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Google was officially launched in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the students of Stanford University, California. It was started as “Backrub” and as soon as his search algorithm got successful they settled down in Mountain View in 2003

Later that year in 2004 it was the first time when Google made its initial public offering. From there, google got tremendous success and now it has a monopoly over search engines all over the world.

Almost 70% of the search is made on Google from all across the world. This successful rise in its brand lead towards the launch of various free and paid services in the later stage of growth.

Uses Of Google Search

Search engines have become essential skills as well as much need for common people. What typically took place in libraries by phone calls or visits to experts in the field is being changed nowadays because everything had come online whether it is addressed, phone numbers or details of any shops or enterprise, everything from a tiny pin to gigantic plane details can b very easily obtained from World Wide Web just a few simple clicks.

Search engines have been a very important place to locate this information. After the establishment of Google Search Engine, interactions between experts and common people can be made very easily and efficiently. 

For travel, we are very dependent on Google Maps, for messaging we use Google+ and Hangouts. So in very short, it can be said that without using these tools we can not even think of today’s world its uses are boundless that it is literally impossible to be summarized in a paragraph. 

Google Search Engines No.1?

Google is considered by most people across the world. Over 75% of the search traffic is on google. Google is the number 1 search engine in the world due to its optimistic search results and its lag-free services.

The server of google is considered to be of the fastest and most secure in the world. It is free of good and well-managed marketing teams as well. Whatever there is no competition between google and the rest of the search engines.

It is free of good and well-managed marketing teams as well. Whatever there is no competition between google and the rest of the search engines. Even its video-sharing platform Youtube is the seconds most search engine. This shows the popularity of google.


Googleplex is the corporate headquarters of Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc. which is located at Mountain View, California, USA. It is the second-largest office after 111 Eighth Avenue, New York.

Its original complex is about 2,000,000 sq. feet of office space. Google at its headquarters had taken certain technically perfect initiatives that in result give rise to renewable energy and Green Earth i.e. It encourages its official staff or fellow visitors to ride the campus for using power-friendly bicycles etc.

The name Googleplex describes its vastness. Mathematically 1 googol is equal to 10100 and 1 googolplex is equal to 1010100 or 10googol.

Google Search Tips

Some of handpicked and sorted collection of Google Search Tips and Tricks starts here. Read the full article and kindly drop your feedback.

Filter Search-Content Format

Filtered Google Search

Whenever we want to download any pdf or ppt of any books, case studies, the research we can simply add the word at last filetype: pdf/ppt/doc/xls. After this, you will only get those file-type results in the search results.

Filter Most Relevant Results (Adding + or – during Google Search)

Adding + or - for  Google Search

For example, if you are searching for any time management books, it will display all the time management books and their relevant tips but if you add + sign in last of search description you will be sorted and most precise result i.e “Time Management tips + students” this will all the results of time management tips related to students only.

Similarly, if we put – sign it will reduce that keyword from your search result. For example, if search “apple” it will show you apple fruits but if add a negative sign and type “apple – fruits” none of any results will show you about the apple fruits.

Quoted Google search

Suppose if you have read a quote anywhere and you want to know the author of the same, then you can simply write that quote within quotation marks and you will get your answer.

These particular tricks can be applied for job vacancies or job related application. You will have to write the work profession within quotation marks and you will get your results very easily without any time-wasting.

Using Wild-Cards in Search

Wild Card Search

Sometimes it happens to us that we want to search for something but we are not able to recall completely so we can use”**”(wild cards) in between those words. 

For example, you have recently listened to a song but you are not able to recall the last two words of that song you can search like “shape**”. This * implies that the first word is the shape and the next two words google you can add accordingly.

Site Search

Site Search - Google Images

If you want to read a tech-related article from The Techia, you can write “site: name of the site” it will show articles solving your daily life tech-related queries only from The Techia.

In a similar scenario, you might subscribe to us via email or via other social media platforms that would minimize your need to Google Search us.

Site Search - Google

Think of a situation if you want to search the site related to any website you can use “related: name of the site” all the results will contain the site will is similar to the given name. If you search “related: amazon” your results will contain Flipkart, eBay, Alibaba, etc. all the related sites to amazon.

Download Movies directly

If you are trying to download the free movies from Google you might have been spam but you type movies name/google drive you can simply get your file.

Google Mirror Search

Google Mirror SearchYou all search directly on Google, but do you want to search in opposite that means mirror image?

Go to google > Type Google mirror search > Click on the first link > Now enjoy Google mirror.

Directly Open In New Tab

Directly open in new tab: Google Search

Whenever you make a search on google you generally click on multiple links and after right-click, on each search result we open it on new but this process is time taking and annoying so here is the solution.

Go on URL and type > click on setting on the setting at the bottom of right corner > click on search settings > scroll downward where you will get the option “where results open” > then click on “open each selected result in a new browser window” > finally click on “save”.

After that whenever you just do right-click on any search results it will show you in a new tab. 

Pronunciation Tip

Sometimes we came across any hard words which are very much difficult to pronounce so here is a tip for you.Go to google search and type”{required words} pronunciation” google make your work easy.

Search Modifications

Have you noticed that whenever you make a search on google it shows you only the top 10 result? It is possible to see beyond the top 10 results? so the answer is yes.

Go on URL and type > click on setting on the setting at the bottom of right corner > click on search settings > click on option result per page > set your preferences > finally click on “save”.

Parental Control Search

If you are a parent and you want to protect your child from adults sites or adults contents like text, image or video then follow the given steps;

Go on URL and type > click on setting on the setting at the bottom of right corner>click on search settings > click on “Turn on safe search > finally click on “save”.

Language Control

If you wanna you use the google search result in your native language then,Go on URL and type > click on setting on the setting at the bottom of right corner>click on search settings > click on language. then select your preferred language > ” finally click on “save”.

Search History Settings


Do you know that all your activity you are making, Google tracks your activity? If you want to clear your search history then;

Go on URL and type > click on setting on the setting at the bottom of right corner > click on search history > can delete search history from there.

Google Image Search

Google Image Search

If you want to know about the person with help of photos, Google provides you with that information through special features. 

Go to Google  >  go-to side of image > click there > upload any image > Now Google will show you information about that photos or person.

These are some tips and tricks that you can apply to save your valuable time and that will help you to find the best results for you at just one click.

All these tips and tricks are well research and taken from verified so you can completely trust this information. If further any tips & tricks I get to know I’ll update that till then bye.

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