In the Early Years, Google was a startup that was making its growth in the tech world at its best. The Advertising program was launched in mid-2003 as Google Ads. Later it divided into two separate sites namely AdSense for Publishers and Google Ads for Advertisers. This Program is currently, the most popular online Advertisement Partner on the Internet. 

Google Adsense is a simple way to monetize the website traffic to advertising third-party products or services to the visitors of the website. It provides an excellent opportunity for the webmaster to monetize their website traffic and a good earning source to the Webmaster. Google Accepts more than a million sites per day into this program.

Google annually pays over 10 billion $ to its publisher by this you can get an idea about its fame and popularity. If you are looking for an advertisement partner this is the best one.

Google AdSense

What are the advantages of Google Adsense?

  • Nearly about 10 Million of webmasters are using it so a huge number of publisher and advertiser prefers it.
  • The process is very much transparent with a high level of security, safety for both publishers and advertisers. And the best thing is you can control and easily calculate the traffic source/medium, and the required data and statistics as well as the behavior of our user by Google Analytics account.
  • There is a large number of variety of ad format text, HTML, font, picture, video, and GIFs as well. As a publisher, you may experiment with all the formats and figure out which ones drive the most revenue. 

How does Adsense work?

Well, it is quite simple to start Adsense. You just need to have Google Adsense account partnered and verified by Google to start. If you don’t have one, then You just Need to Visit Google Adsense and apply with the site you want to monetize and you will get a small HTML code that you need to insert in your website codings, and after that Google will manually verify the same, and after the verification. You may start adding ads to your visitors according to your content or they might show the ads according to the user’s search interface and cookies. Your will start clicking those and you will be paid for that since its revenue generation works on a number of clicks and sharing basis.

(Note: Never try to increase the click artificially because if google found it fake your Adsense account could get banned and even close permanently. Google had a very very tough algorithm)

How much can you earn with AdSense?

How much can you earn with AdSense?

Your revenue generation totally depends upon the per click of ads by the visitors because google charge advertiser per ad click and they pay about 68% to 51% of that money in the same way. The earning is not the same for everyone since it depends upon CPC and keyword difficulty also. For a particular type of niche, it generally pays 2$ per click, and or another it may charge to 15$ per click depending upon the competition of that niche also. On average, a publisher is paid more or less 3$ per click but still that an average. 

Whatever be your niche your traffic is the king of our website and your revenue generation totally depends upon it completely. If your traffic is organic you will be paid higher and if it is inorganic or direct you will be paid a lesser amount. 

Top Niches Accepted –

Google has never mentioned any categorized list for rollout into its Google AdSense Program. However, it has a list of Payment criteria that include different rates following which Publisher is Paid. Below are some of the Categories in order of High CPC to Low CPC:-

  • Insurance Industry
  • Online Education
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Legal

  • Online Banking

  • Home & Garden
  • Fitness

Above were some of the Highest-Paid AdSense Categories. However, these rates fluctuate, and Google never publicly mention any Categories or CPC rates to avoid spamming.

AdSense Content Policies

AdSense Content Policies –

  • Your Contents should not be 18+ or Adultery.
  • If you are using photos from search engines, don’t forget to give Credit to those sites.
  • Never include criticisms regarding Endangered Species.
  • Your Site should not receive any traffic from unwanted or any artificial source, that may include any paid source from unrecognized sources.
  • Never Include fake schemes.
  • Include Policy Pages on your Site. (Include pages like Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, etc)

Above were some of the tips to be kept in mind before Using this Google Adsense Program and keep in mind that AdSense Manually Verifies your site. So, don’t act fishy. Hope Our Presentation will help you out.

Thanks for reading. This was Rahul with Raj from signing off. Hope you liked our valuable work. Have a wonderful day ahead.😊  

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