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 so we are back with an another interesting article regarding hackers, today we will discuss about the worlds most dangerous hacker, who commited the world biggest hacking attack ever. So, we will bring you about Gary McKinnon, today we will discuss about Gary McKinnon, and also why Gary Mckinnon famously called UFO Hacker

Gary McKinnon, born on 10 January in Scotland. As from starting he was giving his full interest on computers. He didnt use his knowledge skills properly, he hacked 97 computers of NASA, for these he also get caught. In 2000-2001 he get active from his own girlfriends house renamed as Solo, and hacked 97 computera of NASA, not for the money purpose but only for the purpose of getting knowledge from the satellites and about UFO’s. Many researches proclaim that they will see UFO and aliens in the sky. But the government refuses, and hide those files somewhere, undergroundily.
 It is about to hear that the american government with the Area 51, works with the aliens in the research of aliens technology, the peoples  eagerness to know about aliens was very much primitive, and thats why he hacked NASA computers,  known more about aliens and UFO’s. Otherwise his main intention was not to earn money only he wants to gain knowledge, but crime is crime .
US authorities said about Gary Mckinnon, has stolen some important governmential documents and the network army of Washington having 2000 computers have been disabled by these hacking attack and thus government faces  heavy lose. 
At that time when the army sent their weapons, arms, or fighting equipment from one place to another, Gary Mckinnon deleted the logs of those equipments by hacking, and for that the equipment which are transporting has been stopped and navy army doesnt get those equipment, and thus the government faces heavy loss, For these he must be went into the prison for about 70 years or he must be dropped at a island where there is no amount of internet facilities are held, but he doesnt received a single punishment.
 Just because he lives in Britain, and the crime was done with the american government, and the treaty was made in such a way that the crime was done by the people with such government are kept by his own country, and thus Britain government doesnt allot to go Gary in America as he will commits sucide because of such mental illness when he heard that he has kept in the prison for 70 years, then many famous people and celebrity arrived to support of Gary. Many  Hat hackers said that why american government doesn’t punish those who make american server such as week that a 12-13 years boys hacked those servers very easily.
So, these all about for today we will back soon again with an amazing article.Thank You!

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