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Technology, the Greek word from the union of Techne and Logos was first used in the year 1829. Since, in the ancient times, Technology was the word used to express the internal feeling of art and culture and innovation. Later, it was meant to be the describing factor for something special and unique. But today,…

Future Innovative tech

Technology, the Greek word from the union of Techne and Logos was first used in the year 1829. Since, in the ancient times, Technology was the word used to express the internal feeling of art and culture and innovation.

Later, it was meant to be the describing factor for something special and unique. But today, Technology is the word used as a synonym for scientific knowledge being implemented for global ease.

With the years going, the defination of Technology has changed. Today the word is used for describing latest scientific innovations.

Rise in Technology

Technologies like Artificial intelligence, Automation, Mobile Phone, PCs etc are some of the surprisingly best gifts of tech.

Apart from the above, WiFi and LiFi, the radio-wave implementation for the call or wireless networking system is also considered.

Interspace Growth

One of the most prominent wishes of every third human alive is to visit the space which we are a tiny part.

Since years, Science has proven this in works and is near various milestones such as establishing various space stations continuously orbiting the planet and various interplanetary exploration.

Moon Hotel

I know that sound pretty childish about even the idea of a hotel on something with almost zero gravity, but Science has given us the capability to discuss and think of even this impossible topics.

Various space agencies are promising about the moon tour and the development of free and easy comfortable journey till the end of some coming decades.

Interspace Child Delivery

Scientists have predicted a devastating collision of giant asteroid in a near future and had been planning evacuation for humans to other planets. Since then there had been theories for interspace Child Delivery or childbirth.


Robotics, one of the most overrated technology ever existed and considered as one of the rocket science.

Scientists have predicted the vast Use of Robotics either in the industrial or domestic perspective. They are able to deliver a personalised experience and even produce items in a exclusive brand factory as a lead worker.

Robotic Drone

Drones have from the last few years had taken the place for most of the human-powered works with utmost efficiency.

Today, drones are used in the Indian Military for monitoring the illegal activities in remote areas.

Since this technology has a great and significant future as said by various scientists, We may witness various upgrades and improvements to the remaining tech.

Robotic Insects

Unlike robotic drones, Artificial or Robotic Insects are under the eyes of Scientists. Various Insect characterised robots are made only in India with main use at farms and ease for the farmers.

Newer Expected Innovations

Technology is improving and incrementing itself every moment. It’s none of shock if the below predicted techs are achieved in the near future.

It is a bit tough to predict future of tech being in the era of New inventions leading technology more developed everyday.

Fast Charging Technology in Car Batteries

2020 had been a successful year for Fast Charging Technology growth. Leading the trend ahead, the coming years could more facilitate and ease this tech.

On one hand, We have witnessed fast Charging on batteries ranging from 4000 to 7000 mAh using various component based chargers. But on the other hand, we have batteries ranging from 50000 to 70000 mAh.

However it seems challenging event in the tech history but is very near to be accomplished. We would soon be able to witness chargers with a fast and reliable charging speed for these super massive car batteries.


Teleport, the word itself delivers a ton of excitement and enthusiasm. The art of reaching another place from one is regarded as Teleportation.

Various Sci-Fi movies came up with the best of technologies involving teleportation. However, we are far apart from achieving this tech but there’s huge researches going on the same.

In fact, Dr. Michio Kaku, an American Physicist stated various theories on the same. As per records, he successfully teleported photon particles at a distance of 96m.

Human Teleportation is still too far for mass use and implementation with a need of vigorous research but is possible.

Illustration showing various tech development


Internet, the interconnection between devices. The developing technology is posing a serious need in the development of Internet connection and speeds.

7th Generation of Internet (7G)

The world had already witnessed its best of Internet speeds with the recent unveiling of 6G Internet connections. But there’s still an improvement needed for better interconnectivity across devices.

With the developing technology, the ultimate increase in transfer speeds i.e. upload and download.

Technologies like Self-driving Cars, IoTs, etc are some of the recent Innovations demanding constant speed of the data transfers. Henceforth, needing a transfer speeds of Gigabytes.

In response, Samsung along with other brands had already published its roadmap for the global deployment of 7th Edition of Internet.


Internet Of Things or IoT is the name given to the connection between daily used devices with one head-connection i.e. Smartphone.

Smart Speakers, Smart Wearables or Smart Home Appliances etc host the base of IoTs.

In reference to the above context, let’s say a smartly connected appliance being controlled remotely from smartphone can involve Various concepts including Machine Learning and A. I.

LiFi replacing WiFi

Light Fidelity (LiFi) is another most exciting technology in the works. In general, LiFi is the wireless emitting internet source that can enable up to 100X the speed of Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)

The concept was first explained in the year 2013 at TED Talks which lead to formation of separate organisation for the works for the same delivering specialised lights capable of LiFi.

However, the concerned technology is not yet adopted by any of the smartphones or gadgets.



Automation powered by Artificial intelligence is another huge topic of discussion. This domain or field has a promising future with huge development and researches.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, the word used daily in the life even for thousands of us to represent either a feature in corresponding handsets or to represent anything with the tech world.

In the recent times, this word has grown and is growing with best of opportunities and challenges twisted with features. Artificial Intelligence or AI is powered by Machine Learning, using which algorithm a machine learns and commands itself with the next job depending on the user’s response to the previous one. Almost every IoTs work on this technique.

Electric Cars

It had been years Since the planet has undergone through the theory of absorption of non-renewable resources including fuels like coal or petroleum etc. Hence, Elon Musk came with a mesmerising concept of Electricity powered vehicles under Tesla, Inc.

Since then there had been trend and need in the automobile industry to shift from conventional petroleum or diesel based system to electric based for the protection of planet.

We, during the research of this noticed a huge future for electric vehicles and hence noted.

Self-driving Cars

In the year around 2017, various cars came up with the Self-driving mechanism. In the previous attempts, these mechanisms have failed since it needs seamless connectivity across cars.

With the global deployment of 5th Generation of Internet, this has been more prominent and obvious especially in the developed and under-developement countries for better experience.

Heart Rate Monitoring T-Shirt

We are often aware of Heart-Rate Monitoring technologies in various smart-watches and other appliances and gadgets etc. Due to its huge usability and ease of operation. Scientists have predicted the deployment of the same in the T-Shirts.

The same technology was seen being a savour for various people. Hence, the global deployment of Heart-Rate Monitoring technology to T-Shirt may enhance the usuability of such kind of technologies in the future.

Biotech Improvements in the previous years


The word behind the creation of Biology and Technology. This domain had provided various discoveries either be it anything related to brain-computer interface or BCI or might it be any cure to alarmingly active disease in a record-breaking time. Scientists predict with more rise in the numbers in the upcoming years.

3d Printing or Organs Printing or Human Cloning

3d Printing, the word popularly used for duplicating objects into real world at 3rd definations or 3d. Scientists have recently mimicked human heart from a 3d printer with altering a specialised plastic for maintaining textures of the original.

Many predict this prototype of real human 3d printing can pave way for science or biotechnology to find possible and relevant ways to help save lives using the technique. After various development, this technique might be used to clone a human completely depending on his or her facial characteristics until some coming decades.

Self Healing Structure or Concreate

With the developing science and its branches, Self Healing Structures are more likely to be available to human for mass purpose and community usage. Researches are still going on the implementation of the same in the near future.

The structures having the ability to heal itself when being hurt with any outside object. We have witnessed smartphones like LG G Flex series with the self healing capabillities even in the year before 2015. But now the same technology is planned to roll-out widely to concreate or it may be implemented on the above discussed Human 3D Clones.

Increased Life Span

In the previous years, we have noticed comparetively increased life span with huge thanks to Biotechnology. Scientists have claimed human life span would eventually spread upto a milestone of almost 140 years in the upcoming decades.

Contact Virtual Reality Lenses

VR or Virtual Reality is one of the most desired technology from the future itself operating in very early stages today. However testing of some of the advanced phases of the same have revealed about the Contact VR Lenses.

However, the production of Contact VR Lenses are stopped giving the time for better diagnosis and testing for proper implications and minimising risk factor for mass scale.

Civil Partnership

We humans have always wanted to expand our reach and colonize other planets throughout the spacial ecosystem. In the course of the same, we have across beneficial partnership with the allegedly livings of other planets.

Scientists have across the result that humans might have to come across some interplanetary partnership in the coming decades.

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