Vivo's Funtouch OS to be replaced by Origin OS?

Vivo has been among one the top-selling brands in Asian Countries. It was vastly accepted mainly due to its hardware as well as its Custom Software Skin i.e. Funtouch OS. Funtouch OS is the primary operating skin on Android running in every Vivo Mobile. Regarding looks and feel, it closely resembles Apple’s iOS that sometimes delivers exceptionally different aesthetics.

Funtouch OS is no exception keeping the tradition of feature-packed Custom Skins. It came out as one of the best Custom Skinned Operating System in a Mid-Range Smartphone with a ton of features including a Simple and flat User Interface, Customizable Gesture Support, Jovi Home that includes Smart Suggestions, Shortcuts, Weather Updates, Google’s Service “Digital Wellbeing” Integration, Gaming Boost, A.I based Smart Manager, eye protection, and many more hidden features that include together making Funtouch OS, the best among mid-range devices.

Funtouch OS – Backlogs

Apart from many plus points, Funtouch OS is struggling with many un-solved backlogs. Some of them are discussed below:-

  • One of the major concerns for Funtouch OS users is poor device performance and frequent UI lags.
  • Battery, If you’re a Funtouch OS, you might relate to my statement that Funtouch OS has poor battery optimization but high battery consumption even on standby.
  • Poor Update DistributionVivo has been delaying the update to older devices or previously launched smartphones. Either this had been due to a less responsive nature or might be due to other reasons, but this policy needs to be changed under Origin OS.

  • Vivo needs serious improvements in its camera algorithms. Vivo from a long back had been facing the issues of over beautification in its camera app.
  • Heating Issues – Inspite of Advanced Game Turbo claims by the brand, but it has certainly failed in solving heating issues while high performing games or rendering high-quality videos.

Vivo has been unsuccessful in fixing the above errors or backlogs like poor update policy or battery optimization or poor camera optimization in its current custom skin i.e. Funtouch OS and hence according to a report since January 2020, Vivo was working on another skin with the above backlogs being fixed and enhanced performance and various added features. But the same was paused and most probably aborted due to shut-down due to global pandemic and its home nation being affected worse.

Origin OS

But Yesterday i.e. 26th October 2020, a Popular Leakster aka Digital Chat Station, On Weibo posted and gave the complete information about Vivo’s new replacement to Funtouch OS and its bugs and backlogs. According to a leak, Vivo‘s new operating system is going to be recognized as “Origin OS“.

Origin OS

  • Vivo‘s new Skin on Android i.e. Origin OS might be a permanent replacement to its existing OS i.e. Funtouch OS.
  • As its name suggests Origin OS is the company’s announcement to its user base about its Original Skin made in Vivo Labs from scratch, delivering the most reliable Operating Features.
  • The loop-holes in the current Funtouch OS is expected to be fixed in the Upcoming Origin or Original Operation System or OS.

Allegedly Origin OS is completed and might be a revamped version of Funtouch OS running on Android 11 and might launch out of box presence in Vivo X60’s Global Launch in November or December, this year.

A Need for New Operating System – Origin OS

  • Funtouch OS was among the best Mid-Range Operating Skins but it lacked some of the flagship software features in Funtouch OS. Other brands like realme, OPPO, OnePlus under BBK Electronics had previously upgraded their custom skins with the best of flagship features. Vivo has planned and even tried to enter into Flagship Range, but deliberately it failed due to its poor Software skin and even sometimes blamed for its iOS resemblance.
  • Vivo has previously announced its debut in European Market. But it’s impossible with its current laggy and highly bloated software skin. Hence, there was a strong need for a completely revamped software experience. For the same, Vivo has invested many thousand dollars opening an exclusive presence in the UK by opening many exclusive stores.
Funtouch OS Top Features

Funtouch OS Top Features

Funtouch OS 11 running on Android 11 has been unveiled recently, a few weeks later. Every feature mentioned has been announced by the brand itself in the launch event. There are no hidden or tips or tricks included below:-

  • Simplified User Interface

Funtouch OS 11 gears with a super minimal and Simple UI. Every command or option seems simplified in comparison to previous versions

  • Dark Mode 2.0

This time Vivo has claimed, Dark Mode has been improvised with more global applications being supported. This time Dark Mode has been added with many more features being integrated with Dark Mode.

  • Improved Jovi Assistance.
  • Improvised Gestures Supports across System with optimized Global System Animations.

This time Funtouch added variously advanced animations to be worked under different scenarios. Finally, Funtouch has got support for a multi-app swipe switching feature that might be useful for users like me, who continuously use feature-rich tasks.

  • All new Game Turbo Boost with updated haptic response.

Funtouch OS 11 packs Game boosting features like DND, Esport Mode, or Advanced PIP during gaming that enables enhanced multimedia experience.

  • More AOD Customizations.
  • S-Capture

Funtouch OS works as a perfect companion providing the best screen capture experience. Features like Lasso, shaped or doodle Screenshots, and Rich Microphone recording with live system recording.

Final Conclusion – Origin OS

Many years back, A Great Personality stated that today’s smartphone competition is going to range among the best operating system but not on Hardware.

Vivo is among the last mover under BBK Electronics to move towards a competitive and all-around feature-packed operating that can play the triumph card and can win the game for Vivo under every price segment. Let’s wait for the official rollout for the same and see if this customized skin becomes the one as per expectations or it fails likely Funtouch OS under the flagship segment.

So, this was it for today. Hope you liked our presentation. This was Raj Signing Off. Thank You.

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