Encryption – Increasing Data Security

Encryption, as the word suggest is the program exclusively designed to secure user’s data with interference of codes and keys. DES, AES, etc.

Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store consists of millions of applications at this time. The number of those is increasing with every single day. The apps cover every single category creating a bigger and bigger ecosystem.

Today, Google’s Play Store witnesses’ entry of millions of apps and games whereas Apple’s App Store also shows the number far lesser than the first one.

With the increasing number of Software users’ data is being compromised. None of the newly introduced software undergoes security check-ups.

Lack of Security on Internet

Since the launch of the internet in 1993 people started getting online and they started storing their information on various kinds of stuff which were earlier saved (written) offline with the mode of pen and paper. But at the same time, the stealing of information became a trend, and hackers and various other invaders can easily steal their sensitive information even their messaging sites and application can be traced very easily with the help of ethical hacking tricks. This raised a reasonable concern as well as a serious threat to the user of the internet and several websites also.

Due to all these privacy concerns the method of encryption was introduced in digital forms too. It wasn’t like that there was no encryption method before the launch of the internet but things got changed a lot with the modern-day encryption method which was even able to encrypt a single message within a nano-second.

Messenger like WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption method to secure the privacy of the user. Hence, no third-party viewer can interrupt that message.


Encryption is a method by which information is converted into secret codes that keep the secrecy of the true meaning of that given data. The science of encryption is called Cryptography.

In encryption, plain text or unencrypted data is encrypted into the ciphertext. The formula used for the encoding and the decode of encryption is known as encryption algorithm or ciphers. Encryption has been a very useful way to secure valuable sensitive information. Historically,

It has been by the government and secret agencies all over the world so far. It is an important way to communicate with militants all across the world. In modern times encryption is used to secure the data stored in computers, hard drives, and storage devices but moreover, now it is used to encrypt the transmitted data over a network or the internet.

Importance of Encryption

Encryption plays an important role in securing many different types of information technology assets. It provides the following: –

  • Encodes the message content and keep it confidential.
  • By ciphers, the message can be easily authenticated and the user can verify the origin of the message.
  • The integrity of the message remains the same and it cannot be changed in between the path.
  • The senders’ identity remains unknown to invaders.

Different Types of Encryptions

Encryption is a broad stream. It is the science of securing one’s private data with the help of key-level security. Some of its types are mentioned below: –

Hardware-level Encryption

Specialized Processors are used for this System. Processors contain a random number to generate an encryption key. Safeguard Keys and Critical Security Parameters are used for decryption.

Authentication takes place natively on the Hardware. This in return protects from attacks like Cold boot attacks, malware codes, and brute force attacks. Encryption is Hardware-based and is always active.

Software-level Encryption

Shares Computer’s Data to encrypt data working closely with various programs on the computer. Uses User’s password as Encryption Key.

Susceptible to brutal attacks. The computer tries to limit the number of decryptions through a series of coding.

Different Types of Encryption

Different Types of Encryptions based to Software

As technologies are advancing every day, modern encryption techniques had taken over the old ones. Hence, we have several types of encryption software that are available in the market that had made ease our work. So, I have mentioned below some types of encryptions: –


Data Encryption Algorithm is a type of symmetric Encryption that uses a 56-bit key.


Triple Data Encryption algorithm or triple-DES uses Symmetric Encryption. It is an advanced version of the DES block Cipher technique. DES Cipher uses a 56-bit key and TDES uses a triple i.e. 168-bit key.

It works in three phases when encrypting the data.

encrypt > decrypt > re-encrypt

Likewise, the decryption phase will be

decrypt > encrypt > decrypt again

Since it has three encryption and decryption phases it is much slower than any other encryption.


AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is one of the most popular methods of encryption used by spy agencies and government agencies as well as everyday businesses for classified communicators. AES was created by two Belgian cryptographers, Vincent Rijmen & Joan Daemen, as a replacement for the old DES (Data Encryption Standard).

AES differs from all encryption data since it uses a single block to encrypt data, instead of an individual bit of data. The block sizes determine the name of each kind of encryption data; AES-128 encrypts blocks of a 128-bit size > AES-192 encrypt blocks of a 192-bit size > AES-256 encrypt blocks of a 256-bit size


RSA (Rivest -Shamir-Adleman) is an asymmetric cryptography algorithm that enables public-key encryption for secure data transmission. In this algorithm, 2 sets of keys are generated (a public key and a private key). Some people use it to verify a digital signature and ensure the person they are communicating with is really who they say they are. However, it’s a time taking process.

Different Keys of Encryption

There are two encryption keys based upon those different types of encryptions works: –

Asymmetric Encryption

This encryption works with two keys: one public key and the other private key. The public key is shared with everyone, but the private key must be kept secret to the sender.

There is a very low risk of hacking the encrypted data and the Asymmetric key is more used nowadays in a different source. Since this encryption is based on two keys most of the algorithm based on this are said to be the strongest encryption.

Symmetric Encryption

It works on a single private key, much faster than Asymmetric. In this Symmetric Encryption, the sender will have to share the private key with the receiver to access the data given by the sender. It’s an old encryption technique not safe.

Since the private key is shared with both sender and receiver the privacy of data can be comprised because if the third person anyhow gets that private key or password it can easily access the data and that gives an open opportunity for hackers.

Different Mechanisms of Encryption

Working Mechanism of Different Keys of Encryption

Understanding the Working Mechanism of any System is an integral part of understanding the full details.

Asymmetric Encryption

When Original data is encrypted a Public and a Private key is generated. When the receiver applies that given public, it won’t open until and unless the sender gives access or in other words, he/she applies the private key too.

Suppose you have a box that has some confidential file that has two locks i.e two keys are there. One is the master key that has access to anyone another the private key which has only with you and your friend. If you want to deliver that box to your friend in between the delivery if anyone tries to open that box, he will open the first lock with the master key he has, but after he will fail to open the second lock, unfortunately, and your document is safe. When he will deliver to your friend it will be completely secure.

Symmetric Encryption

An original text is encrypted and asymmetric is generated. Again, the receiver applies that symmetric key to decrypt that original text.

Original text > encryption (Symmetric-key generated) > Cipher text > decryption (Symmetric-key required) > Original text.

Some Apps with Best Encryption Technology

Apps With Best Encryption Technology

Here are some of the best apps with Encryption Technology Implementation.


Since 2016 WhatsApp had introduced End-to-End encryption so users can enjoy more secure communication. WhatsApp’s encryption is so much secured that hackers hardly could able to crack encryption. And end-to-end encryption himself is a more secure way of communication.


Telegram is famous for its privacy policies and for a special feature that enables users to share any type of file of any length and that is given to very few applications but Telegram came up with this idea along with messaging and video chat features. Telegram has one of the finest end-to-end encryption methods.


Viber had a 900 million registered user base and it had one of the most and trusted applications so far which uses end-to-end encryption to secure user-sensitive data information.

Future of Encryption

Future of Encryption

Today, whenever we discuss Security, Encryption is the next name we pronounce directly or indirectly.

In the future, Encryption is planned to be integrated with almost every other object starting from pin to rocket. Here’s only the concept and development of Encryption that comes into force. Today We have Weak Encryption but it is expected to reach its highs in the coming decades. Below are some of the ideas being worked on.

User-Controlled Encryption

User-Controlled Encryption is the type of Encryption where the user solely has the rights and handling of passwords, Personal Identification Number (PIN) to validate one’s authority to access data.

This would enhance the security of data being handled by a third party with the ownership being enact with the user only.

Honey Encryption

Encryption is being worked on and is expected to be completed in the coming decade. This is the most unique Encryption; one may hear of.

Honey Encryption is unlike other Encryption being protected with keys, but one thing that makes it unique is the end with providing fake data.

Let’s assume, in spite of tight security, the Hacker finally entered into one’s data. This technology would serve hackers with a fake detail that closely resembles the actual data increasing difficulty in differentiating between fake and actual data.

Quantum Encryption

Quantum Encryption is also known as Quantum Cryptography. The concept was if we secure data with a key, the chances of interventions increase. While securing data with photons makes it difficult for monitoring. A Quantum Repeater is used for the same to keep users away from any vulnerability.

Being Secure on the Internet is quite a difficult task. However, Encryption technology had managed to convert the difficult to possible for a far mean but still, it needs severe development and researches to make it a future-proof technology.

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