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Google has a well-known and most popular advertising network. It uses various tactics and tricks for maintaining its legacy. Today, We would discuss the same in the article below. Google Search Working Mechanism – Bots & Spiders Before knowing the Use of Cookies for Advertisement, let us discuss how Google works with Bots and Crawlers….

Google AdSense Cookie tracking

Google has a well-known and most popular advertising network. It uses various tactics and tricks for maintaining its legacy. Today, We would discuss the same in the article below.

Google Search Working Mechanism – Bots & Spiders

Before knowing the Use of Cookies for Advertisement, let us discuss how Google works with Bots and Crawlers.

Since Google is a website of its own. So if we want to search for something we will search with the help of google. The Internet contains many many numbers of websites, but google doesn’t contain all of the websites. If we make a website of our own, then it takes 1-5 days to appear on Google. Since it Visits all websites all over the world.

So, if we search for something on google, It would only show you those websites which are indexed. Therefore for Google, it might not be possible to show all the websites.

So, Google generally makes programs and different types of algorithms. Basically, Google uses crawlers, which are a type of robot. So if we show a website to google, then the spider crawls the website. In response,

If there are 10 links in the websites, that point to other websites, the crawlers then enter those 10 websites. Subsequently, and spider finds how many links are pointing to other websites and the spider continues this process regularly. In this process spider automatically scan all the websites. Thus spider stores all websites, databases, titles, descriptions, URLs. These are the back-end of Google.

Let’s take an example, think we searched “The Techia”. Now Google tends to find different servers with those particular keywords that match and then Google searches for the best matching results. Google also tends to find the title, description of the particular search results.

Thus, Google shows you the top 10 results. If any link of the website is bouncing back in many numbers then Google categorizes these links as trash.

It automatically removes from search results whereas if people visit those links more and more then Google promotes those links. But Google can’t make money for the promotions. Here Google works are transparent. The most popular Ad Network generates most of the annual revenue.

Google Ads Cookie Tracking

Today has a well defined ecosystem. It keeps a track record of one’s daily activity. Thanks to the advanced algorithm that easily predicts user’s next move and show personalised results.

Before that, you explain this small concept, visit the website, login, how do they know after login, when we close the browser, shut down the computer, how do they know that we have kept login by login. So here comes the concept of cookies.

Cookies are small files that contain all the cached data with them. It helps both the visitor and the site owner by saving various frequently used files in a site. This in return saves data and bandwidth transferred.

Google AdSense is the most commonly used advertisement network used by various website owners. The network is all set up on the website, so when you go to a website, there is the same Ad Network i.e. Google AdSense. Websites using Google’s AdSense program or Facebook’s Pixel often save cookies for better monitoring and targetting.

Hence, for the same user targetting and personalization, we get similar advertisements throughout the internet. In context to the previous statement, Cookies are the facilitator, Hence, if we clear cache from the browser then it may be possible not to witness similar advertisements.

Cookies are the temporary database files from the website servers saved at the user’s browser for faster loading of site pages.

Getting Out of Cookie Tracking

Cookie tracking for advertisements are the most often and widely used method of user targetting for a concerned advertisement network. It can be undone through various methods mentioned below.


On Facebook, you just have to do the steps mentioned below in order to pause cookie tracking:-

-> Go to Setting

-> Then click on Ads

(After this, the new page will be opened with your previous ads preferences. On the same page of the ads setting you will get two options, ads allow will show)

-> If it is by default, then you have to click on the first one and not to be allowed, then click on the second one and there is yes, change it to NO.

(Now after both are not allowed, Facebook will not show you personalized ads after setting on Facebook)


Now coming to Google. To correct the setting on Google, follow the steps below:-

-> Head to My Activity section in Google.

-> Head to bottom and click Activity Control.

(There would be a small option ADS)

-> On clicking there will be Ads Personalization which remains ON. (by default) Turn this OFF.

Doing this will remove you from the cookie tracking. The ads will come, but not all that you were seeing. In other words, now you will not see any personalized ads.

The ads will not come but your data is being saved in cookies. so you have to stop it. For this, you have to set the browser setting so that your data is not saved anywhere. now come to Google Chrome. then click on setting than in search box type cookies then all cookies setting will show click on contain setting then click on cookies then the option will show block third parties cookies then on this.

Web Browsers (PC)

In any web browser follow the path such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge or may it be Apple’s Safari Browser. Follow the steps below to disable cookie ad tracking:-

Tools > Options > Privacy> History> Use the custom setting for history > Accept third-party cookies here it will show allow we have to change Allow to Never. 

Web Browser (Mobile)

This was all about in PC, LAPTOP now comes to mobile phone settings:-

-> Go to mobile Settings

-> Then we will google option then u will see the ADS  option.

-> In response to the Pop-Out option, Will Show click and select On.

-> Then at the bottom, you will get ads I’d it’s unique for all mobile phones, reset this. 

(So now will not see any personalized ads. Yes, u will see ads normal ads, but not that one which you u see on Flipkart or Amazon, in short ads will show but not personalized ads)


Hence, we discussed some of the concepts of the Google Search and Indexing Algorithm with Cache and its use for advertisement and tracking. If you liked the content, kindly consider sharing. If not, leave feedback below with the reason.

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