Avengers Technology: Possible?

Sci-fi has been one of the favorite categories among cinema lover but at the same, it seems very much hypothetical because we knew that the technologies that are shown in movies does not exist in the real world. Marvel Studios have been a renowned studios in the field of Sci-Fi Movies. Most of the superheroes…

Avengers Technology

Sci-fi has been one of the favorite categories among cinema lover but at the same, it seems very much hypothetical because we knew that the technologies that are shown in movies does not exist in the real world.

Marvel Studios have been a renowned studios in the field of Sci-Fi Movies. Most of the superheroes was created by Stan Lee, who was a comic writers, producer & editor of marvel. All character of avenger movie are given by Stan Lee.

Avengers, the name for bests of Sci-fi characters or movies. The same has provided the industry with the best of the sci-fi characters.

Iron Man

Iron Man Technology

Mr. Tony Stark acted character is officially dead in the concerned movie series. However, the character has left behind certain questions that we often think to exist in our reality. Iron Man, the most powerful character ever shown in marvel presents. Iron Man has its own AI-based assistant JARVIS. It takes care of Stark’s building as well as of his iron suits. Stark had created JARVIS not for the world but for his own world. Even Tony’s intellect sometimes fades away in front of JARVIS.

The JARVIS AI in the Agent Carter series is based on the personality of Edwin having a similar sense of humor. Edwin would have been one of the few constants in young Tony’s life – someone Howard could trust with his home/family and who Tony would never suspect had a whole “secret agent” aspect to him.

Artificial Intelligence

Jarvis, the next-level Artificial Intelligence System used by Mr. Tony Stark in the contextIt worked with the complete integration with the suit and has a special feature that was Neural Thinking Capabilities.

The NTC can process signals as we do in our natural brain. It has a next-level programming with a well-defined algorithm for better functioning.

The next question that arises is that is this technology exists?

Yes, it exists but in a basic phase and needs much more development. Which would need at least more than a decade for the research and development in order to compete with Jarvis in the movie.

Suit Material

According to the movies, The suit used is claimed to be made from a material that is not steel but is more resistant and tough as steel from Wakanda, and the material is termed as Vibranium in the movie. In reality, the concerned material does not exist but there are as many materials that are not steel but are tougher than steel.

mosquito Net is tougher when compared to a Steel Net in fact many things in the world are yet to be explored and we never know which material is found tougher than steel and light-weighted too. But as of now, we do not possess this technology.

Repulsor Blaster & Arc Reactor

Now finally this technology is possessed by us for a long time back. Some suites have been seen having jets in hands and legs for flight but the suit and the engine is not as powerful as shown in the movies and in fact, there are several world records of flying man. Actually, the suit is much aesthetic and thinner as compared to the suits we possess now and that ability to fit the powerful jets in that thin material is almost next to impossible for now.

A separate brand called Gravity especially makes these types of suits but that as of now doesn’t match the suit.

When we think of the energy in the suit, we generally talk about arc reactor that provides seamless energy to the suit and it is also next to impossible for now as our battery invention is much basic and it is impossible for storing that huge energy in that small suit however the suit discharges too as shown in many movies but our battery needs to be researched many years for possessing this technology and in reality, there is nothing called arc reactor.


Hulk in reality?

So what happened with the hulk that a man or scientist who absorb Gama Ray’s and he had been convert into hulk so in hulk as much his  angry increases size and power also increase in just a moment which will be impossible in reality. So  Gama Ray’s are ionized radiation if it will be in contact of human body then it will destroy the bone marrow, skin tissue and internal organs and it also causes cancer and kill the human being . Human cannot absorb too much Gama Ray’s like hulk and it will kill the human being if they too much contact in Gama Ray.

If you think you will be hulk by absorbing Gama Ray’s then it surpasses this is the first thing. The second thing we will discuss that if a balloon will bigger in size that is filled with air so in hulk which hard particle will present when he will be bigger in size. From where in body tissue or organ too much energy will come in a human being. This is not possible in biology that human body tissue will convert into hulk-like bigger, taller, and stronger in a few moments. So it will not possible in reality that a person would convert into the hulk.



The ant-man role is played by Paul Rudd, who used to be a thief who just came out from prison and he promised his wife that he will become a gentleman but he didn’t keep his promise.

While executing another loot he suddenly discovers a suit that allows him to shrink to the size of ants and also able to control the ants. After wearing that suit he becomes a superhuman being.

Can living organisms be ever able to shrink. Do these particles exist?

In this technology, the activities are executed at the sub-atomic level, there presents a pin particle that basically does what – it reduces the distance between the inter-atomic particles such as protons, neutrons, and electrons. That generally results in the shrinking of the matter to a great extend. But in reality, this technology is not possible and is absurd in the case of a human being. Because when a human body shrinks at a subatomic level then its organ will definitely stop working.

In full details, its Lungs will stop working then it is quite obvious that when Lungs will stop working then how a human will breath and intake to survive and this would happen because it is being shrunk at a subatomic level then how will an air particle that is basically of the lowest one atom which would not be intaken.

This is one of the biggest reasons that ants don’t have a lung in their body due to this small existence and this Ant-Man is meant to have even more small existence.

The veins of the body would shrink and be narrow to that much that hemoglobin and RBC won’t pass through it. If these vital ingredients won’t pass properly then how would a person survive?

Then the question arises that then why is this concept shown in science fiction. And a simple answer is that good also. These fiction movies are meant to show things in a much-elaborated way and manner and in the same context. Ant-Man Movies can never be said to be the worst, these movies are meant to be enjoyed but if we think of inventing the same in reality then it is a bit absurd.

Still, in the same content, the Iron Man technology is even possible in reality because armor can easily be invented. Since, repulsive blaster is the technology based on machinery terms and can be easily invented in the near future.


So in conclusion, we will just say according to our opinion, Ant-Man Technology can never be made into reality as a man. Can never shrinker into such small existence and that can even travel in the time being small. In fact, these characters have many paradoxes that can never be made real especially this character of Ant-Man.

Another explanation in terms of Biology i.e. anybody being shrunk much smaller than an atom then a non-clear question arises. If anybody being even smaller than an atom, then what the body made of?

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