ATM Card Frauds Explained – Debit Card or Credit Card Users Must Know

 Hey guys this is Rahul from thetechia.in welcome back again and I”ll be talking about ATM machine fraud and card cloning or “skimming”. so let’s get started.

Nowadays we often  hear about the digital frauds and its cases are increasing day by day. so it is very important that we should aware of that and use securely.

In ATM there are hidden camera which steal the user card details and similar duplicate cards is made. Hacker uses the card details and clone to new card these type of frauds are termed as “skimming” ,then he withdraws all the money from that cards. Not only in ATM machine but wherever and whenever you swipe your card you should be careful about that

Now let’s understand how it done and how to avoid this?

When you put your card in ATM machine there is a card reader which read your card details but hacker an extra card reader upon that original card reader. It is so thin and well fitted that nobody think suspicious. so from next time always try to pull card reader if there is any extra one it will be pulled out. so, after inserting your card you simply enter your pin that’s why hacker puts a camera on the top of button panel when you enter your PIN it records your PIN. There well stick and hidden camera above button panel.

Tips card users should know?

  •  When you enter in ATM machine room always first try to pull the card reader if there is any extra one then it is not safe to use that ATM.
  •  Always type PIN by covering your hand upon finger.
  • Whenever you swipe your card in public like mall, cinema hall etc. check the machine is original or duplicate and never type the PIN in front of them.
  •  Don’t be shy to avoid telling PIN to unknown while paying if somebody ask for it.  

Next time whenever you buy new debit or credit card try to buy the one which has chip and pin encryption because skimming of that is very much difficult than simpler one.

This was it for today’s article. We will return again with an amazing informative discussion again tomorrow. Stay tuned. Thank You.

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