Hey guys this is Rahul from thetechia.in and today I’ll be talking about the 6th Generation. So let’s get started.
We have 3G 4G and 5G each one of us is a different generation of wireless network and each one is so much powerful that it brought technical revolution and facilitate, a completely new stage in society.
 So the first-ever mobile phone where actually 0G and even calling mobile is not actually correct because they were chunky boxes and with massive box receiver they were very heavy.

 Then 1G rolled out. 1g was the first time when the general public could make a phone and even that devices were about 1 kilogram.

  2G took the 2.4 KBPS speed of 1g and made it 15 times faster about 40 KBPS which made the phone not just able to call but also send text and even picture messages.
 3G was 50 times faster than 2G and that brings a revolution in technology the only reason for today’s Fame of social media like Instagram, Facebook, and various application like ola, Uber and games is because of 3G.

 Actually, 3G was so cool that Apple named one of his iPhones, iPhone 3G just to promote its availability and to support.

  But when 4G came out it was about 50-500 times faster than 3G. You can do the unthinkable, you can stream Netflix at 1080p, you can play multiplayer games with 100 others on the same map it was all about a rich multi-media experience. 

What 5G can do?

Basically, a good 5G signal means instant sharing it means browsing the internet without any buffering and you can even control the robot control machine.

So what on earth is 6G?

Famous companies like Samsung and Qualcomm are working on it and they are trying to figure out the result. It is a commercial expected to be launched in 2030 but already 6g chips are built and a couple of months ago Samsung published their documents showing their plan for 6g and I think its fascinating. As per the document it looks like is 50 times faster than the fastest 5G connection with the 10th of latency. They say that we can download a hundred hours of Netflix in a second. they are saying that it will support 10 x devices and 100× more reliable. You must be thinking why, what the point 4G is already too fast why do we need for 6G this is ridiculous?

Remember the during of Technology trying to serve future humanity. 6G will be enough to carry out 2030 to 2040 that the world is going to be very different from this world.

Let’s suppose you are on a self-driving car, the whole is of the network is self-driving cars, they need to be online always they will have to react it within reading few second and the connection can’t drop anytime anywhere note for even a second because that would lead to an accident so, we need a stable and highly reliable network. Even for a second if the network drop that would be very much dangerous. Cars would have to inspect the current route, traffic and will have to co-ordinate with the other car at the same time.

We cannot think how much we cannot connect to the sea, sky and many more.

How will it work?

 The speed of generation depends upon smaller frequency but higher speed waves and 5G made it even more difficult. 5G frequency web is about 1 to 10 millimeters which is very very small and because they are small they can easily block or in other words, we can say that their range is very less.

For example:- if it faces a tree it would vanish.

So because of this problem, we need very much tower and that’s why it is predicted that the millimeter-wave will not even reach to some countries. Every 5G sim should have 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G options.

For 6g we need smaller wave than 5G and it is a submillimeter-wave can you imagine how small it would be. The amount of cost of planting the Signature Tower will be the most difficult and expensive work.

So, here we discussed something that is in trending and needed a discussion. That was it for today. But we will be back with an amazing mind-blowing article. Till then stay tuned. Thank You

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