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Instagram Tips & Tricks (2021 Guide)

The global pandemic Covid-19 had brought us to confine ourselves into the walls of our home and that in result brought about a huge change in usage duration of Instagram and many other social media platforms.

As we all know tricks go better as we go ahead, so don’t forget to read the full article and make sure you like, share and subscribe with your friends. Some of the best tricks ar mentioned and discussed below:-

Instagram Tips & Tricks

Below are some of the best and latest Instagram tips we could sort out.

Add Collage Stories on Instagram

We all know that adding collage stories right from the layout tab is well possible but a problem with that is you can not collage your previously posted snaps. Where this super cool handy feature comes into play. Here’s what you need to do:-

-> Open up the Gallery, and head to the first photo you want to add and take the screenshot of the desired area to be added into the collage.

-> Now head to Instagram Stories Page and using text tool paste it.

-> You will then find your photo to be pasted in the panel.

-> Do this to add more photos into the collage subsequently.

(For iPhone Users you just need to take screenshots of all photos at a single time and head to the Instagram Stories layout and paste all photos at a single time from Clipboards)

Set Custom Status

The above image Signifies Custom Status

So, Instagram recently introduced it’s native Custom Status feature that not a huge number of people know about for it’s tricky mechanism of working. As we all understand by custom status.

It is a feature that sets your status from showing last seen or online but enables a custom status like Chilling, Sleeping etc.

If you are wondering how to setup on Instagram then it’s that you cannot set it up on Instagram.

-> For the above feature you need to have Thread app.

-> Select friends who would be able to see your status (customised).

-> Set your status to automatic (by using body sensors, it will auto detect the activity) or select a custom status to appear or even create your custom status.

-> Once done, your friends would be able to see your customised status.
The Best thing about this is your friends don’t need to install threads app for status to be shown.

Group Unfollow People

This is a feature we always wanted in every platform. Here I’m wondering about feature that has the ability to Unfollow many people from your follower or following that you don’t interact much.

-> Go to your Instagram Profile.

-> Enter follower or following tab.

-> Find a completely new option Least Interacted With.

(Well, this shows you the people you least interacted with in the last 90 Days)

-> There you can quickly Unfollow People you least interacted with by selecting them at once and tapping Unfollow.

Browsing over call with friends

This is one of my personal favourite tricks that was unveiled recently via an update without an official announcement. But this feature is pretty perfect when we all are at our places locked down.

-> So, when you are on a Video Call with your friend. You get a media option on the bottom-right corner.

-> The above feature enables you to share your media’s i.e. liked post, saved post, or recommended post to share

-> Once sharing the post, the post appears on both screens including you and your friends.

-> The above feature enables the experience for discussing about a photo or post on Live Interactive Manner.

View Likes on Instagram

So, recently Instagram took a big bold decision to start hiding likes on a post. Some people can still see the like count but some like us can’t see likes on a particular post. Well, there’s a simple trick to view the like count.

-> For this, you just need to copy the link of the post you want to view likes on.

-> Open any web browser let’s say Chrome and open Incognito Mode and Paste the link. Yupp, your likes count is right on your screens.

-> There is an another way to view likes. That is by installing a chrome extension called The Return of Likes.

-> Activate the extension and open up the post to view the like count on the top-right panel of the screen.

Viewing Profile Pictures in Full Screen

One thing we must have noticed that there is no way to view one’s profile picture in full screen. Tapping into the picture does nothing. Here’s a trick to view profile picture aka dp in full screen.

-> Open the Profile you want to view dp of.

-> Copy the Profile URL.

-> As done above, open Incognito Mode on Chrome and paste the URL.

-> Well, this is not the end. Add 0 (Zero) to the URL.

-> Let the URL load and view your full screen profile photo.

-> Apart from above trick, there’s one more trick to view profile photos in Full screen. There’s a site called InstaDp that let’s you search profiles and see the dp’s in full size.

Restrict People in Instagram

We all have that friend who we don’t want to block but also don’t wanna see messages and comments of. So here’s a super handy feature called Restrict.

-> Visit the profile you want to restrict.

-> Hit three dots button, then tap Restrict.

-> Doing above methods enables user to be restricted from showing any comment publicly and their message to be kept in requests.

Disable Live Notification on Instagram

Enjoying a live session is always been a super exciting feature on Instagram. But in these days of complete shutdown. Everyone is going live and these had became a super annoying. Here’s some steps to disable these annoying notification and restore peace.

-> Head to Instagram settings.

-> Head to Notifications.

-> Then Live and IgTV.

-> Just turn the notification off and you’re done.

Instagram Alerts

Instagram Alerts, a newly rolled feature that enables push notifications of a desired account.

Recently, Instagram introduced a brand new and incremental to its mobile platforms.

Instagram now allows users to set an alert notification for their favourite accounts for their new posts and live sessions.

This feature might be useful for many of the users who follow one account passionately and needs every update of their activity.

Control Instagram Filters

We all often use Instagram Filters as a default image editor with its wide range and high quality filters.

Instagram now allows users to control the strength of filters. In a mobile app, you can activate in the following steps:-

-> Select the desired photo to be uploaded.

-> Select the filter.

-> In a new window, Control the filter according to your will

Collaborated Chat Experience

This decade had been super-fun for tech giant Facebook. WhatsApp as well as Instagram was acquired by Facebook.

Recently, a new feature was rolled out where WhatsApp was seen being collaborated with Messenger and Instagram.

Users can now collaborate Instagram Direct Messages and Facebook Messenger with a single tap using the prompt sent by Facebook after updating the app.

Name tags

Scan the above Name-tag to visit and follow @techiathe

Name tags, as its name suggests is the way delivering the same feature as any other Quick Response Code (QR code) does.

Name-tag, in general is unlikely Instagram’s way of QR code. This can ensure proper profile search without typing a single word.

One can share Name-tags in the following steps:-

-> Head to Profile Section

-> Open Option Menu

-> Select Name-tags (In newer version, is replaced by QR-Code)

Incognito Scroll

Instagram has many hidden and unknown features that are evenly added with newer updates. Instagram’s Incognito Scroll is the response to non-monitored Experience.

Sometimes, We need a traceless Instagram use as we have in WhatsApp as hidden last seen. Instagram also enables last seen hide feature but as Activity Status.

Below are some of the steps you can scroll without any traces left of your usage.

-> Head to Settings Panel of the app.

-> Search for – “Activity Status”

-> Turn the option off to disable tracking.

Customised Fonts

Instagram now supports usage of third-party fonts.

Using a customized font sometimes increases impression upon some people. Here’s the steps to get that enabled.

-> Visit any Instagram Font Generator (From Google Search)

-> Generate and Copy the text.

-> Paste the text at the target position. And you’re done.

Post from Desktop

Instagram Posting from Desktop

Despite a ton of the features, Instagram lacks some crucial ones at it’s platform like posting any stories or feeds from desktop.

But here’s a trick to bypass the lack and post from the same.

-> Visit Instagram from the desired browser.

-> Press F12 and select Mobile Version.

-> Click on the Phablet icon to the left of Element Section.

-> Refresh the page and now you can easily post from even your desktop.

Vanish Mode

Vanish Mode

Instagram last week introduced a new feature called Vanish Mode that allows users to chat being Incognito.

This feature is much similar to what is in Telegram as Disappearing Message. You can enable the feature in the below steps.

-> Open the Chat.

-> Swipe from below to above.

-> Here you go. Now Vanish mode is enabled for a particular chat. Your chats would be deleted once you go back.


So this was it for today. We hope you like our presentation. If you liked, don’t forget to share the content and if didn’t, then kindly drop the concerned reason below.

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