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10 Important battery Saving Tips – How to Increase Mobile Battery Life

Battery, one of the major components of a Smartphone. It somehow governs the performance and stability of the device. Hence, it needs some special care and tricks to increase its life listed below.

This year, We witnessed some of the smartphones with a truly big display like the iPhone 12 and Samsung’s Note 20 Ultra with a maximum display size up to 6.81 inches. These big-screen needs a comparatively big battery capacity to power the phone, but the brands fail to pull it off, and hence, users get a compromised battery backup.

Battery Saving Tips

Table of Content

Table of Contents shows the bifurcations in the article. 

  • Need for Saving Battery
  • 10 Battery Saving Tips
  • Conclusion

Need for Saving Battery

With the developing technology like Under-Display Camera, Under-Display Fingerprint Scanners, Increasing Display Sizes, etc. The battery is being compromised the much. Screen Sizes are increasing and those need a big and more battery backup whereas the battery capacity is being lowered. 

The previous year, We saw various smartphones, one of which was powered with a monstrous battery of up to 6000 mAh from Samsung delivering battery backup of more than 2 days on standby. Hence, a serious need for battery saving is needed. And this chance is perfectly occupied by hackers by developing fake malicious apps for saving battery. Here are some of the tips that will surely increase battery without any third-party intervention.

10 Battery Saving Tips

10 Battery Saving Tips

Below are some of the best-advised battery saving tips that do not include any third-party installation or 


Smartphones in our daily life often have
brightness up to 450 nits that can consume up to 7% per hour. And sometimes
brightness is even maximized during an outdoor visit. This, in turn, maximizes the draining of the battery and reducing battery life. So, here’s my first tip is to
Put your screen brightness to Adaptive/ Automatic Setting despite manual one to get a better
and an enhanced experience of battery.

Adaptive Mode or Automatic Screen Setting is the
screen display settings that let’s system decide to switch minimum or maximum
depending upon the current scenario of incoming light received. Light Sensors
are used for the proper functioning of Adaptive Settings…..


Social Media Consumption has increased from a
far extend being used from 30% of the total power consumed from being 90% to
even 100% of the power consumed in Phone by these social media apps i.e.
Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, or Instagram
. This high usage causes more RAM
usage slowing the phone down and using more battery power.

To Prevent the above Consumption, use lite apps
like Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, Messenger Lite, etc. These apps come with the
same features with better RAM & Battery optimization and efficiency with
torn down version of UI or UX.


Android Play Store is built in such a way to provide
updates to app users seamlessly without a single glitch. App developers can
even push updates to fix a reported bug or to provide new features that enhance the user’s experience.

Updating an app is recommended whenever Play
notifies you of the same as developers with an update always try to fix
and improve battery and RAM optimization.


Using a dark-colored background Wallpaper can ensure less power
consumption at standby with the screen off. But this trick is limited to screen
using an AMOLED or OLED Panel.

As the technology used in these panels can switch respectively
pixels off in dark areas that in return can save your power with a longer battery


Vibration plays an important role in the battery draining. You might have
noticed that Enabling Battery Saver disables vibrations in major scenarios.
This is done to ensure longer battery life.

Make sure to Lower the Vibration strength to ensure your battery being
lasting long.


If you’re using an old smartphone then the trick might help you out. Sometimes cache even tends to drain your smartphone battery even on standby.  Always clear app cached data to ensure better battery life…

  • Wi-Fi

Avoid using mobile data if you have a Wi-Fi network available. This ensures your battery being lasts long by stopping the use of antennas. 

Even Mobile Networking uses charge & battery usage. Disabling it can make your battery even last more…..

  • Battery Saver Mode

Try enabling Battery Saver Mode, this is a well-defined program by Smartphone companies itself in it’s updated UI or custom skins on Android. This has special features like Disabled Vibrations or Sometimes it limits maximum screen brightness to 280 nits.

  • Live Wallpapers

Android from the very beginning was a feature-rich platform or Operating System that had the best of its features directly benefitting users, that kept on improving as time went on. With the rollout of Android 7, Live Wallpaper Scheme. 

But these Live Wallpaper consumed much power in the background. Hence it is recommended not to use Live Wallpaper as it enhances power in the background. 


So, this was it for today. Please try the above tips and tricks and comment on your experience below in the comments. Thank You….

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